College kids left the nest…again!

College kids leave us over and over again. It sure seems like it.

Does it seem like you are always saying goodbye to your college kids? I was thinking about all of the new Empty Nesters and how they are finishing their holiday time with their sons and daughters. The last child has left the nest and you waited patiently for the first Winter Break to arrive. If they went to school nearby you may have been able to see them for Thanksgiving, but otherwise Winter Break was the first time to have them back home. Safe and sound and back in the nest.


Nick and Alex- home for just a short while.
Nick and Alex- home for just a short while.

It seems to me that we tend to say goodbye over and over again. Our son Nick has been studying in Italy for four months. He finally came home in mid December. I was thrilled to have him home and I tried to get as much time with him as he would allow me to take. Then two weeks later, we were saying goodbye…AGAIN!

He packed up the car and headed back to school.  Just when you got used to them being home, they leave again!

Do you feel like that?

I will say that when the Nest is full I feel complete. It just feels like “all is right with the world”. Does that make sense? The four of us laugh and banter away at each other just like always. I love that. Brother and sister tease each other, but for fun and for good times. We make their favorite foods and go to the movies they want to see.

Being an Empty Nester has its ups and downs and there is a definite learning curve.

I also have heard from friends that sometimes The Nest is never permanently empty. 

College kids leave us and tease us by coming home for a short while. They want food, money and sleep,but we are happy to have them.




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3 thoughts on “College kids left the nest…again!”

  1. I also LOVE when the college kids are home! Our house comes alive doubly because all their friends come by as well. (Friends whom I also miss!) Watching football together fell right back in place, just like old times. I was proclaiming to a friend how I don’t mind all the extra work that comes with it! The laundry, dishes, messes and such. Well that was all put to the test that very night when one of my boys came down with the stomach flu. It was pretty violent and we were up all night. He wanted me with him and I obliged by crashing in a makeshift bed in a far corner of his room. Didn’t sleep more than 5 minutes at a time the whole night. But as I told my son, I was so relieved this was happening in the comfort of his home and not at school!

  2. Funny thing Susan, my wife and I went through the whole empty nest thing back in 2006 when our 2 sons were away at college. School, jobs and life goes on…then you have 1 back at home still trying to find his way in life with work and school and then he moves out we become empty nesters for a couple of months and our other son and his wife move in to save money, he is 3rd year law and she was accepted in to a Masters Degree program. Life is funny, love the empty nest but also love having the kids back.

    • Brian it so great to hear from you and learn about what goes on in your empty nest. I think a revolving door happens a great deal. Our kids come and go and we are thrilled to have them. How lucky are your kids to have parents so supportive!


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