Learn How to Hit the Curve

When our son left for U of AZ, it was both sad and a relief. We had struggled with his attitude for the last two years of high school and welcomed our newfound freedom. However, after a month at UofA, our son contracted mononucleosis. Since he hadn’t been sick more than a few days his entire life before going to college, he thought it was normal to constantly feel tired and worn out. Further, the doctor he visited misdiagnosed him three times, and his illness got worse. By the time we saw him at Thanksgiving, we knew he’d be home with us for the second semester and summer, where regained his health and strength, and returned to UofA in the Fall.

He spent the next year relearning to study at a college level, but the Valley Fever (as it is known) took its toll over time – no energy, difficult to focus, etc.

We decided that he should not return to UofA as this only resulted in health issues and disappointment. He was lucky enough to get a job at a growing company for the Summer, and worked into a full-time position by Fall. After almost two years at the company, he has learned the value of working hard, how to save his money (usually 50% of his paycheck), how the “real world” works, and how to be respectful of those adults that have tried to guide him over the years.

He returns to school again for his Spring semester with a new vision of his education. While there are no guarantees in life, we certainly hope that he’ll enjoy his return to school. We’ve appreciated the experience and spending time with our respectful son and his sense of humor while recapturing those lost years in high school. He’ll still be living at home, but his journey continues…as will ours. Learn how to hit the curve – it’s our life lesson – because the only constant in the universe is change.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story. Your son sounds amazing and strong and his parents are as well. Life does throw us “curve balls” and it is up to us to figure out how to hit them!


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