How One Defining Moment Can Change Your Life!

September is a great time for a fresh start. Even though I don’t have kids at home now, September and Back to School has always signified “new beginnings” for me. Over the past three weeks, Kim Acedo, a virtual health and wellness coach, has been sharing her inspiring ideas about how we can reinvent our health. If you have missed Four ways to reinvent your health and THRIVE! or Eat This, Don’t Eat That: What Are We Supposed to Believe?, please click each link and take a few minutes to read them, they are fantastic! Here is her last post of the “health trifecta” for September. Enjoy! 



Can one moment change your life?

My own health and fitness has been a process. I was a year-round athlete throughout high school, transitioning from volleyball to basketball to softball with barely a week to rest in between sports. Then I became a college basketball player – running, jumping, and playing for hours everyday. During that time, I even went on a trip to Colombia where I pulled myself up a tree and zip lined across the Amazon jungle. I was in great shape and it felt good.

I soon realized that when all you’ve ever known was what it feels like to be in shape, it’s easy to take that feeling for granted.

After I graduated from college, I went to grad school. The running and jumping of my college basketball days turned into reading, writing, and studying days. Before long, I found myself losing my excellent shape quickly. It was so slow however, that I could barely notice it from day to day. But what I did notice is that my clothes gradually started to get more snug, while I started to gain weight in my face, neck, back, and hips. I wasn’t trying to gain weight, my lifestyle just changed. Can you relate?

A lifestyle change is not uncommon to hear with the clientele I work with. Many were once active and full of energy, but then their lifestyle changed – they got a desk job, had a few kids, ate more sporadically, and basically started moving less. Over time, your body simply adapts to the new change.

In my own journey, I accepted that my lifestyle had changed and I was no longer going to be working out on the basketball court for hours a day anymore. That led me to this one day (interestingly enough it was Independence Day), when I had a “Defining Moment”. That day I decided I was fed up and I needed to do something about this. I needed to do something different. That day changed my life.

I began with a vision of how I wanted to live the rest of my life. Then I thought of what body I would need to live that life in. I understood that lasting change happens over time and I had to keep the vision of my new best self in clear view as motivation as I slowly started to change my daily habits and incorporate a new healthy routine into my life.

There’s no doubt that “routine” is not a sexy word. It sounds boring and monotonous, but it will, over time, change your body, either for better or for worse. In fact, we all have habits and routines that have become so ritualistic that you may not realize they are leading you in a certain direction – either toward or away from the life you want to live for the decades yet to come. I will attribute those boring and monotonous daily habits of healthy eating, exercise, and proper sleep that eventually led me to feeling vibrant, energetic, and in a body that I can essentially go on any adventure that I desire in.

Here’s the reality. I’ve spent over a decade in health and wellness, and I’ve seen too many people take this time of year to coast, not take care of their health, and continue a routine of unhealthy eating and little to no physical activity. And before they know it, the holidays are here and with them come the overeating of more unhealthy foods and very little physical activity.


So as we enter the fall season, will this be a new start for you? Will you take an honest look at your life, not just now, but what you want it to look like in one, three, five, ten, or twenty years from now? The truth is that no one needs to be fit in order to sit on the couch and watch TV all day. However, one does need to be healthy, fit, strong, and energetic to live a life of amazing adventures.

Just as I did on Independence Day, the day I had my “Defining Moment”, I urge you not to wait until things get worse before you make them better. Rather, today, dream about what adventures still await YOU. Then, imagine what body you want to have those adventures in. Then ask yourself what’s holding you back from making a healthy change in your life. Maybe today is YOUR “Defining Moment”.

If you’ve decided that you can’t put this off any longer and you want to live the rest of your life’s adventures in a healthier, fitter, stronger, and more energetic body, join me and other like-minded women, completely online for 6 weeks in the comfort of your own home as you “ReINVENT Your Health” through optimal sleep, food, mood, and exercise starting September 29. All you need is a computer, Internet, and a desire to live a healthier and happier life in six weeks.

I believe that my program will transform your life so much so that I offer a 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee. Early bird registration closes this Sunday so register soon! Learn more and register =======>HERE!

It has been my pleasure to be a guest adventurer these past three weeks. I hope I’ve helped empower you toward a healthier and happier life as an empty nester. I hope to see you live the rest of your life’s adventures in the body you were meant to live them in. You deserve it. Believe that.


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