The AARP’s New Tech Product “RealPad” is the Real Deal

September 4th was a day of firsts. I attended my very first AARP event called Ideas@50+ in San Diego, CA. I was not sure what to expect and I found that it completely surpassed my expectations. This is not your mother’s AARP any longer and I was impressed. Ideas@50+ was filled with enlightening, important information and exhibits that included Health & Wellness, Money & Work, Technology & Innovation and Travel & Lifestyle. Additionally, I was also invited to see the unveiling of the very first tech product introduced by AARP, the largest advocate for Americans 50+ through their partnership with Intel.

The Unveiling by AARP and Intel Executives

L to R: Steve Cohn, Executive Vice President of Membership and Integrated Value, Anne Marie Kilgallon, AARP’s Director of Corporate Relationships, Jim Bodio, Director of New Business & Market Development for Intel’s Mobile & Communications Group, Terry Bradwell, Executive Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Moderator John Tarnoff,Huffington Post writer and Career Reinvention Coach for Boomers


Amazingly enough, there are 35 million adults who are over fifty years old and who have no way to connect in the digital world. Surprised? I was surprised as well and furthermore, there are 35 million more people who are only partially connected. Frankly, I take my digital connection for granted. I understand how it works, what it can do for me and what I can do with it. We own several devices and use them without hesitation or difficulty. We are a “tech-geek” family if there is such a thing. All four of us love new technology and want to buy it the minute it is available.

The new product is called the RealPad. It is a tablet, powered by Intel, Wi-Fi enabled and already preloaded with popular programs and apps. The font is larger and the app icons are 20% larger.


Many people want to stay connected with their family and friends, yet there are barriers; roadblocks like fear, apprehension and confusion that keep them from connecting. The basic idea of this RealPad is to provide a product so EVERYONE can afford it and use it without frustration.

I am fascinated by the entire concept. The creators of this device wanted to make the digital world more warm and welcoming. They felt that age should not limit our ability to stay connected and this project is a social mission, not a financial one. How refreshing is that? The AARP and Intel are trying to make lives better through helping people to join in an activity they were not able to before. As Terry Bradwell, Executive Vice President & Chief Information Officer, said best: “This is not about technology, it is about changing lives” .

Why on earth did they do this? Because they care. The AARP and Intel care about the 35 million adults who are 50+ and who have no way to connect in the digital world.

The RealPad is easy, easy, easy to use. They have thought of everything: “They have designed RealPad to be ready to go right out of the box. Power it up and you’ll see the unique RealPad Toolbar with large graphics, icons and interfaces. It lets you quickly locate the information most important to you. No confusion and no frustration. RealPad is all about being user-friendly”.

It comes with 24/7 customer service, access to remote help, twenty tutorial videos, a RealQuick Fix Feature for easy troubleshooting and a One Year Membership to the AARP. The Big Bonus: It is $189! Seriously.

Without naming names, we have several members of our family at an age where technology is challenging. They did not benefit from growing up with technology. By comparison, our kids were born with a mouse in their hand and their grandparents, not so much.

I was invited to come to the new product launch and learn about the new RealPad. I wanted to share my own thoughts and conclusions and I hope you will take a closer look at this product. I am certain there are special people in your life that would like to connect with you, but they are not able to do so. This RealPad isn’t just for older people, anyone can use it.

Bonus! At the new product launch, I was able to spend time with fellow bloggers, Darryle Pollack and Lois Alter Mark


I will share more about the AARP Ideas@50+ Conference with you very soon. Listening to the various presenters and celebrity speakers helped to clarify for me that getting older is more fun than ever and we all have so many adventures yet to experience! We possess great wisdom and a plethora of capabilities we have not even begun to tap.

To learn more and to pre-order go to   There is also a great video HERE:

 I am very excited about what is next. Are you?

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18 thoughts on “The AARP’s New Tech Product “RealPad” is the Real Deal”

  1. Wow! That’s amazing. I will have to get my mom one. We got her a laptop 4 years ago and it just stays open only to FB so she can see children & grandchildren pictures. She needs something more portable. The price is amazing. Can you give insight on where to purchase? Thanks!

    • Hi Sara! Yes go to the bottom of the post and see the website to pre-order. It will also be available at Walmart. Let me know if you buy one, they were very impressive.

  2. Thanks for this Suzanne. All four of our parents are in their eighties (yes, we are very lucky) and all have different types of challenges with technology. Would love to find an easy solution that makes sense for them, and enables us to stay connected (and for them to stay connected with the world).

  3. I should’ve gone to that!!

    That RealPad sounds great! I love this that you said: The creators of this device wanted to make the digital world more warm and welcoming. They felt that age should not limit our ability to stay connected and this project is a social mission, not a financial one.

    I’m there next year! 🙂

  4. Thanks for jump-starting my late-in-life modeling career. It was really fun to learn about the Realpad with you, to read what you wrote about it, and most of all getting to know you! Look forward to next time!

  5. Meeting you was an added bonus to the AARP weekend! It was my first time attending, and as you said, it was a fabulous experience. The most excellent speakers, and a lovely crowd of fifty+ folks. So glad we sat next to each other to hear Frank Abagnale speak (wasn’t he wonderful) and met!

    • It was so great to meet you too! I think we sat next to each other for Samantha Brown. You are delightful and I hope you write a post or two for us!

  6. I’m anxious to try this with my Mom since she is terrified of technology. She is 81 and we always use my iPad to FaceTime with my brother. I just bought the RealPad at lunch today at Walmart. Now I’m wondering if we will be able to use this to FaceTime? Is this available? Thank you, Kimery Franzen


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