How to Make a Playlist That Will Improve Your Mood :)

How to make a playlist and improve your mood!

Last week was a tough one for me. Craig departed for yet another week of business travel and by Thursday, I found it challenging to stay optimistic and focused. I am juggling many projects and I was feeling down and overwhelmed. Plus, my Dad is ill and he was having a particularly bad week.

In addition to being concerned and terribly worried about my Dad, I have recently moved away to a new city. I miss my friends, I miss my walks on the beach and I miss my routine. It seems that every time I leave the house, I need to Google something or use Mapquest. I didn’t even feel like taking Rocco for a walk. I had been struggling with this quasi- depression since the beginning of the week and I truly needed to dig my way out of this dilemma.

This was one of those times where I felt it was my burden to bear, my situation to fix and I was determined to do it. I think people have this idea that if you don’t talk about how tough or challenging life can be, then you must be happy, independent and carefree every day. This my friends, is not true at all. Everyone has issues they are dealing with, some more serious than others and it is shortsighted to think otherwise.

I knew I needed to get out of the house, take a walk and clear my head. Music would most certainly enhance this “dreaded” walk and I hadn’t updated my playlists in quite some time.

Are you familiar with Shazam?

The Shazam Symbol

Have you ever used the Shazam app on your smart phone? It has been one of my favorites ever since it was introduced. When you are out and about or in your car listening to the radio and you want to remember the song you hear or want to know what it is, you touch the Shazam button. Voila! Within a few seconds of listening, the app is able to tell you who the artist is and what is the title of the song.

The Shazam app makes a song list for you. On the list are the songs you “Shazammed” that made you sing, or made you want to remember it. This list is yours and the songs are meaningful to YOU! So here is what I did with mine.

 The Fun Part

I went to my Shazam app and located these songs I had collected on “My Shazam” and purchased them on iTunes. On my computer through iTunes, I made a new playlist and synced up my iPod. I was now ready to walk with songs playing in my ears that would bring up my mood, brighten my day and change my outlook. On that particular Thursday, this music absolutely rocked my world.

 It sounds like a lot of work, but if I can do this anyone can, truly!

Let’s go back over the steps:

  1. Get the Shazam app.
  2. Start to capture songs that you like on the radio for your next playlist.
  3. Check on iTunes for the song and buy it for $1.29 or less, you may even have it in your library already.
  4. Click and drag them into a new iPod playlist.
  5. Sync your new playlist to your iPod.
  6. You are ready to go!

Here is the list I created and interestingly enough, I have been collecting songs since August and have not taken the time to even check what I picked! They are a combination of old and new songs and most of them are upbeat and brought my mood up considerably. Number 12 made me cry, #10 is an awesome song from 2000 and #7 is from the television show, Empire and I love the message (I also love the show).

 My new “mood enhancing” playlist:

  1. Love Runs Out – One Republic
  2. Peaches – In the Valley Below
  3. Best Day of My Life – American Authors
  4. Maps – Maroon
  5. Shut Up and Dance – Walk the Moon
  6. Dirty Paws – Of Monsters and Men
  7. Conqueror – The Cast of Empire
  8. Somewhere Only We Know – Keane
  9. Bend and Break – Keane
  10. Sowing the Seeds of Love – Tears for Fears
  11. In My Place – Coldplay
  12. I’ll Stand By You – The Pretenders
  13. Mountain Sound – Of Monsters and Men

Ultimately what we all know is that life has it’s ups and downs and drinking wine is not always the answer. It was way too early in the day for that! I desperately wanted to feel empowered and energetic. There are some obvious solutions like calling someone, prayer, counting my blessings or even reading a book. However, the combination of walking under a blue sky on a glorious morning, with my recent favorite music playing was just what I needed.

How to make a playlist and improve your mood!

Do you have a special way to improve your mood when life gets you down?

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6 thoughts on “How to Make a Playlist That Will Improve Your Mood :)”

  1. Girl! You need to call me! I am off EVERY Monday… (plus Saturday and Sunday) but… I’m right here next to you. Walks, bike rides, lunch… even WINE! I’m here for you!

  2. Music has such power! I always listen to my ‘trop-rock’ style music on the way to work-it is so upbeat and reminds me of places and people and future plans. Even on days when I am ‘not feeling it’ I manage to find an inspiring phrase to kick start me.
    Even if you don’t talk about how bummed you are, you were still able to recognize that you needed something to lift you up. Keep it up, Suzanne!

    • Thank you Laura! It is amazing how much music can change your outlook! It sounds to me that your system of listening on the way to work certainly enhances your day!Thank you for your comments.

  3. I don’t know if you got my email, but I was feeling WAY down for a while and one thing that helped lift me up (besides my friends) was listening to a special song over and over. I finally got sick of the song and of feeling down! Ha ha

    • Yes Barbara, I did receive your email. The tragedy of the loss of the young soccer player will haunt you for a long time. I am just so sorry. I know that we search for things to give us comfort and music is definitely one of them. Thank you for reading and for your comments.


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