Oh, the places we will go (or just vacations to dream about)! My newest list of destinations for 2015 and beyond!

Life in our Empty Nest is ALWAYS in flux. One minute we have plans to be in Paris on our anniversary and the next minute we have cancelled that trip and we are instead traveling to Hawaii for a business rewards trip. Because my husband Craig travels for business frequently, we quickly accrue points and miles and my personal privilege is to plan our future trips and then we wait to see if they actually occur!

It’s fun to dream isn’t it? I research and create the itineraries, always complete with some added adventure. Two years ago we traveled to Australia for New Year’s Eve. For me, it was the bucket list topper of all time. To watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks display over the Sydney Opera House and the city was beyond breathtaking, it was heartstopping. The trip Down Under had been on our list for quite sometime and we finally were able to arrange our schedule and plan for the vacation of a lifetime.

The fireworks show is the grandest display we have EVER seen. You can see the Opera House on the right.


To our right, at the same time, the fireworks are blasting off from the top of the buildings – magnificent!


IMG_2849 - Version 2
New Year’s Eve day and it was about 100 degrees and 95% humidity!

Vacations to dream about!

So this leads me to 2015… We had booked a January 2015 trip to Costa Rica, staying at the brand new Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort, however the trip is being rescheduled to March because we have recently sold our house and are now moving to another house in January. This is a personal-life-changing-adventure and I will share the details soon! Our life is full of surprises and “go with the flow” has become our mantra. Change is inevitable and surely adds a great many serendipitous empty nester adventures!

Here is our vacation Hot List for 2015 and beyond…

1. Costa Rica

Enjoying the lush landscape and learning to incorporate the “Pura Vida” (pure life ) philosophy

2. Yosemite (I am embarrased to say that we have never been)

3. The Grand Canyon  (Ditto on the embarrassing part)

4. The Northern Lights – Norway

I recently investigated this “magical light show” for a recent post and moved it up the list

5. Africa

As long as I can remember I have wanted to see Africa and go on safari

6. Singapore

I am so intrigued by all of Asia

7. The Maldives

Turquoise water and white sand, relaxing and exotic

8. Bali

Green terraced rice fields, volcanic mountains, endless beaches

9. Argentina

Buenos Aires and Mendoza, the winemaking region

10. Antarctica

Wildlife and the mystery of experiencing this frozen landscape

This ambitious list is obviously a long term plan and I kept it to just ten destinations. It was actually very difficult to narrow it down and since this is only my list, it will need to be cross referenced with Craig’s list. These are dream plans and we will save more miles and points in order to help us get there. Adventures of Empty Nesters was created because of my desire to connect with other empty nesters and their adventures, vacations, dreams and realities. I hope you share your stories with us as well!

Where do you want to go? I’d love to see your list!

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16 thoughts on “Oh, the places we will go (or just vacations to dream about)! My newest list of destinations for 2015 and beyond!”

  1. It’s so great to have a bucket list, and it’s something I must do this year. What some awesome places you’ve added – Antarctica is definitely somewhere I’d like to go. So glad you might be coming back to Aus!

    • We can start with a list, but it can change a great deal! Reading about so many wonderful destinations by other travel bloggers I think to myself “I want to go there! Oh! I want to go there too! There are so many places to go!

    • WE were certainly blessed! It was an amazing trip and as we approach New Year’s Eve this year, the memories are especially strong.

  2. Hello Suzanne. What an inspirational list. And, the photos of the fireworks in Sydney say it all. My husband is in Sydney at the moment, and I’m going to suggest that he get himself to the Australia Day fireworks. Thanks for the inspiration. Happy travels!

    • Thank you Wanda! I hope your husband was able to see the Australia Day fireworks in Sydney! Next time he visits Australia, you need to go too! I love it there!

  3. The Maldives was our “splurge” during our travels late last year but we found it can be done quite easily on a budget if you stay at one of the guesthouses on a local island.

    Antarctica is number one on my Wish List, but need to save up the pennies for a cruise there 🙁

  4. Good list! Thought you might enjoy our list from last year….we spent a uear mostly in Asia living a nomadic lifestyle. Six years before, we sold pur home in Chicago after the youngest of our sons finished school and started pur adventures in Nicaragua, Central America. By the way, you will get way more fpr your dollar in Nicaragua, Costa Rica’s more authentic, less expensive neighbor.



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