Hawaiian paradise! Photos of our trip to Hawaii and Maui

Our recent trip to the Hawaiian islands of Hawaii and Maui was chock-full of adventure. It was an adventurous experience primarily because there was a strong threat of a hurricane that was to hit the Big Island of Hawaii for the first three days of the trip! We have never experienced severe weather like this and were a bit trepidatious, but felt we should take a chance and not cancel the trip! According to several island residents that we spoke to: “Never in recorded history has a hurricane ever hit the island of Hawaii.” This was calming information and therefore sounded like a safe bet to us, as well as allayed our fears! During our four-day stay, the weather was a bit gloomy and windy with some rain, but it did not spoil anything!

The vacation was an all expenses paid trip given as a reward by my husband’s company to the sales and sales management teams. Two members of Craig’s team actually cancelled their reservations for this free rewards trip for fear of flying so far from the East Coast and being stuck in a hotel room with hurricane weather! We were staying at the Hilton Waikoloa, and the staff took precautionary steps by bringing in our patio furniture while we were out and leaving us with glow sticks in case of a power outage! The trip organizers kept us informed with constant weather updates.


Our headline entertainer for the event was Elton John and he was asked to arrive one day early and his performance concluded just in time for an evening downpour, but no hurricane. In case you missed my post all about our phenominal Elton John concert in Hawaii… Click ==> here!

After the company trip on the Big Island of Hawaii, we flew in an eight seat plane from there to Maui – a first for both of us! Craig and I have always taken a much larger commercial jet between islands. I don’t love flying, but I view it as a necessity and just grin and bear it! I didn’t say much during the 40 minute flight. I just kept my eyes on the coastline and prayed I would not get air sick! Thank goodness the sky was clear and it was not too windy. However, the plane was so small and lightweight, I honestly felt like I was floating in the air because the slightest gust of wind would jostle and toss the plane from side to side! More adventure!

We arrived safely in Maui and drove to our final (and non-business) destination, the Andaz Maui at Wailea. This was our second visit to this magnificent resort this year. We vacationed there in March and I wrote a detailed post and shared photos of the breathtaking property and accommodations. On this trip, we were enjoying the final celebration of our 30th wedding anniversary and since we were in Hawaii for the rewards trip, we extended it and returned to the Andaz. The Andaz is just as spectacular the second time!  This remarkable hotel offers gorgeous rooms, amazing views, fantastic restaurants and luxurious amenities that made our anniversary extra special.

I never get tired of the tropical landscape, calm breezes and magnificent sunsets of the Hawaiian Islands. We are so fortunate to live in Los Angeles where we can hop on a plane and fly there in 4-5 hours. I have been traveling to the islands since I was 10 years old.  Each time I go, I am just as thrilled to arrive as I was the first time. Here are a few of my favorite photos from this trip of the blue-green ocean and the pristine, sandy beaches of Hawaii.

The beach in front of the Andaz – Wailea, Maui
Our walk along the path – Wailea, Maui
Traveling in an 8 seat plane from Hawaii to Maui – yikes!
Our view from the plane of the Maui coastline.
The grounds of the Hilton Waikoloa on the Big Island of Hawaii.
A walk on the coral filled beach adjacent to the Hilton.
Lovely sandy beach in Wailea, Maui.
Coral beach, Waikoloa, day before the possible hurricane.
Training the dolphins at the Hilton Waikoloa.
Spectacular clouds and beach, Wailea, Maui.
Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary – Thank you Andaz Maui at Wailea.
This lovely reminder was left for us to find on the beach in Waikoloa.
Gorgeous white coral on Waikoloa.
Picturesque swing on the beach.
Sunset from the grounds of the Fairmont Orchid, Hawaii.
Our lovely hotel in Maui, Andaz Maui at Wailea.
We walked here everyday while in Wailea, Maui.
Wailea, Maui
A charming bridge to the beach – Andaz Maui at Wailiea.
A spectacular sunset view from the Andaz.
Our find adventure sticker in the sand on the beach at the Andaz.


Have you ever experienced a hurricane? Were you at home or on vacation?

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22 thoughts on “Hawaiian paradise! Photos of our trip to Hawaii and Maui”

    • There was a great deal of hurricane news before we left and then literally minute by minute coverage while in Hawaii. It was a celebratory trip and we just didn’t want to cancel and we are so glad we didn’t!

  1. Looks like a pretty deluxe adventure! Hawaii’s wonderful even when storms hit. There’s so much to see and do. I was once rained out of a campsite that flooded on Maui but the adventure bonded those of us who sought refuge in a small hotel nearby. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’ve never been in a hurricane and though a frightening experience I also don’t think I would have cancelled knowing the track record of our weather forecasters. I have yet to visit Maui and would love to one winter. Your beach photos are especially enticing.

  3. We were certainly prepared for more than one hurricane while we lived on Kaua’i, but fortunately dodged the bullets and only got heavy rains (which are typical in winter). Your photos are lovely, and it sounds like this trip capped off your anniversary celebration just beautifully. 🙂

    • Betsy: You certainly dodged lots of hurricanes! The whole extreme weather experience was interesting. We live in So Cal – there is really no such thing as extreme weather! Our anniversary was truly special, thank you!

    • I even get sick when I watch a movie and the camera moves too much! I always sit up front in the car, otherwise… its not so good! Thank you for reading and commenting!

  4. I’m so glad you were able to celebrate your 30th anniversary in the Hawaiian islands. I hope you are planning to continue to celebrate it for the entire year. On our first trip to Hawaii, we stayed at the Marriott in Waikoloa—right up the road from the Hilton. We really enjoyed the Big Island—no hurricane. It’s such a diverse place. Our only visit to Maui was as a stop on a cruise. We hope to spend more time there on our next visit to Hawaii. We had the good fortune to spend three months living in Honolulu (Waikiki) during last winter while my husband was on sabbatical there. With snow predicted here in Philly for the day before Thanksgiving, we are so wishing we were there.

    • Suzanne: Thank you, actually we have been celebrating since March! Lol! I dubbed it “The Anniversary Tour”. I like all of the islands, but my favorite two islands are Maui and Kauai. Both offer something different, but both are so beautiful! It’s a much longer flight for you from Philly! I bet you travel to the Caribbean instead?

  5. The Andaz in Wailea is new since I was last there. I do remember that area as being particularly nice. We were threatened by a hurricane when my son was married on Lanai, but we were extremely lucky because it blew over and only cancelled some flights after our own.


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