The find adventure movement is starting to catch fire!

Find Adventure!

Just a few weeks ago I suggested starting a movement called #findadventure. For this activity we hope to encourage creative, out-of-the-box thinking and allow today be the beginning of a new adventure. This activity comes equipped with a hashtag and a brand new sticker called #findadventure.

We define “adventure” as anything you find adventurous (and publicly appropriate)! 🙂 Go out and live life like you mean it and inspire others to do the same!



Why should I find adventure? Because it’s fun and better than sitting on the couch.

These sticker recipients are looking for ways to spice it up, make some waves and share some fun ideas! These adventurers can find it everywhere from San Francisco to St Louis! We have mailed stickers to South Dakota and all the way south to Ecuador!

Let us inspire each other and help others to come out of their shell, get over their fears and try something new! FIND ADVENTURE!

Help us to spread the adventure love and see who we can motivate and support in their new endeavors! This new movement is not limited to EMPTY NESTERS! As Dr Seuss says: 

Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!


Kim from Southern California is finding adventure in snowy Cleveland!


Steve and Christina are enjoying an aperitif on a drive up the coast.


Mark is taking a stroll by “The Bean” in Chicago.


Laura from Illinois is planning a sailing trip.


Suzanne and Craig are watching the UCLA Bruins win a football game at the Rose Bowl.


Sandy and Edie found adventure shopping at Vici in Newport Beach, CA.


Dede is visiting the heart sculpture in San Francisco.


Thank you to Dede, Steve, Christina, Sandy, Edie, Mark, Laura and Kim for sharing one of their adventures with us! Check in next week to hear all about how Diesel the Chocolate Lab is about to #findadventure. Yes, even our pets can get in on the action!



If you would like to join the fun, just click on the sticker image to the right ===> leave me your address and I will mail you a sticker for FREE! Once you receive the #findadventure sticker, take a photo and share it with the hashtag #findadventure on Instagram, Facebook and other social media too. Tweet it if you “tweet” on Twitter and pin it if you “pin” on Pinterest.

I would love to share a whole new array of adventures!

Thank you for reading, for playing, supporting and sharing!



Share Adventure!

6 thoughts on “The find adventure movement is starting to catch fire!”

      • Yes and I just sent email. Thanks so very much for responding I am sure you are v. overwhelmed with responses. We are new to this but you struck a chord (see email) second son recently left…..just had 30th anniversary with pre-celebration & vow renewal on secluded beach near Andaz (where we had booked before seeing your post).

        THANK YOU for the encouragement to reach our potential and not mourn that our kids are moving on.

        I especially liked your college posts as my 2 sons are both at my alma mater, Cornell U and it’s bittersweet to watch. XO

        Sue Meyers
        **west of Philly

        • Sue – Thank you so much for the encouragement! This is a transitional time for us, yet a time for new adventures! Congratulations on your 30th anniversary! Anytime you have an idea for a post, let me know! We would love to have you share it!


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