Our Readers Share :: Where to travel at the holidays!

where to visit at the holidays
All dressed up for the holidays! Pike Place Market, Seattle



How much fun!  Today our readers are sharing where to travel at the holidays! A huge thank you to all of you who sent in your stories and photos!

From our readers in no particular order:

Edward Pizzarello ~


We do love to travel during the holidays.  We just got back from Christmas Candylane at Hersheypark and the kids had a ton of fun on our short weekend trip. where to travel at the holidays


Laura Koleas ~

Bob and I spent a week in NYC last year and it was one of my favorite trips for many reasons–not the least of which– it was just the two of us. We saw a few shows; walked the city streets hand-in-hand bundled up in our winter coats; enjoyed the sights and sounds of the holiday season before all the stress of shopping and wrapping & baking gets in the way. An added bonus–Bob helped me do most of our Christmas shopping each day because it doesn’t feel like “shopping” to him. It just felt like strolling through the city and popping into a shop here and there, between lunches in Rockefeller Center, nighttime carriage rides through Central Park, ice skating in Bryant park; visiting the Met ; marveling at all the architecture; taking in a show or two at the theatre and too many great meals to recount!! Before he knew it we had so many bags from all the seamlessly easy shopping, that we needed to buy a large suitcase to take them all back in.

Then when we got home–the majority of my shopping was done, so I was able to relax and enjoy the rest of the season unhurried. Right about now–I really wish we had decided to do it again this year–but too many work commitments and a trip to Vancouver and Whistler for New Years Eve this year made it impossible. More photos to come from Canada!



Kathy Gottberg ~


I will be traveling this Christmas to Egypt! I leave the 13th and return January 1. I turned 60 this year and this has been on my bucket list my whole life. Why wait?  I will be writing a blog post along with photos about the trip in January on my blog. Happy holidays to you and all your readers! ~Kathy

Egypt Flickr creative commons


Heidi Sloss ~


This is me, my kids and my son’s fiance at The Cliff Walk in Newport, RI on Thanksgiving day this year. I had a great time seeing the town and getting a private family tour of the country’s first synagogue, The Tour Synagogue, that my husband’s ancestors founded. And of course it was great fun getting to know my son’s ‘new’ family.

The Cliff Walk in Newport, RI


Anne Woodyard ~


Oh yes we certainly do love to travel over the holidays! Almost every year we’re in Italy for our Music and Markets New Year’s Jazz in Italy tour, ringing in the New Year with lots of great food and wine and jazz in hilltop Orvieto, where the Christmas market spreads around Piazza Republica. We start and end in Florence, where a huge sparkling tree shimmers in front of the Duomo.

Here’s a link to one of the blogs about last years Jazzy New Year From Florence to Jazzy Orvieto – Music and Markets Tours
where to travel at the holidays
The Christmas tree in front of the magnificent Duomo. Florence – Italy



A couple of our personal holiday travel stories:

When our kids were younger we traveled with our dear friends Mark and Dede. The kids learned to snowboard together and we traveled to several different ski destinations over the years. Steamboat was absolutely beautiful and with two sets of parents, taking care of the kids seemed a whole lot easier!


Our kids, Nick and Alex ~ Steamboat Springs Colorado, 2005
Mark and Dede’s girls, Molly and Riley, Steamboat Springs, 2005


The year Alex graduated from college, she had a her first “real” job in Seattle and could not leave for the holidays. We couldn’t bear the idea of her being alone so far away in another state at Christmas, so we brought Christmas to her. We hated leaving our immediate family, but we packed up and went to Seattle. It is very different waking up in a hotel on Christmas morning than in your own home, but we really enjoyed being together.

where to travel at the holidays
Craig and I standing in front of our tiny Christmas tree in our hotel room. We chose very small gifts so we could carry them in our suitcases. Christmas 2010


Thank you to our guest bloggers for sharing their stories today. Please check out the blogs listed ~ They all offer such interesting stories and amazing photos too.

Merry Merry to all of you!


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7 thoughts on “Our Readers Share :: Where to travel at the holidays!”

  1. Hi Suzanne! Happy Holidays to you and thanks for including me in all the travel shares. I don’t have a photo of my own yet but you can be sure I WILL have tons in about 3 weeks. I am so looking forward to our trip and I hope each and every one of your readers has wonderful travel plans of their own. ~Kathy

  2. We are big travelers but not usually on the holidays. When the kids were little we did the trips east to see family and had our share of Thanksgiving and New Years and even a few Xmas’ while away, but we never really did a vacation over the holidays other than a fabulous family trip to Costa Rica with the kids in 2010 for Xmas. Mostly I like to cocoon and cook and watch silly holiday movies over the holidays, but seeing your post with photos from other readers’ holiday trips is inspiring. And now that our son is engaged and has a new family in the mix, maybe we will do more holiday traveling for vacation!

    • I think with your son’s new family living further away, your holidays will be more adventurous! All of my Christmas stuff is packed as well as my baking stuff, so I am not inspired to cook other than some really great soups! We watched the Rudolf with Burl Ives last night on TV.

  3. Helloooooo Suzanne. So glad you stopped by. I LOVE your blog!! So fun to read. I do have a bone to pick with you though. You two look TOO YOUNG to be empty nesters!! We were in NYC over the weekend and the weather was gorgeous. It was packed, though. The NYPD was swarming. I look forward to following your journey to your new home.

    • Are you the sweetest Katie! Thank you for your kind words. I bet NYC was lovely! Thank you for coming to the blog and for sharing your thoughts! #emptynestersrock


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