So much delicious food in Seattle!

Eating all of the delicious food in Seattle is one of my favorite things about going there.

My goodness we had a great time and many of our favorites times were discovering new restaurants in a city with so many culinary delights! All I can say is food, food and more food…Leslie turned to me on Day Two of our gastronomic adventure and exclaimed, “No more, I can’t eat another bite!” (Truth: She did eat one more time at Sunday lunch! Sorry Les!) The good news is that in addition to eating our way through Seattle, we walked endless miles as well. We must balance the calorie intake with calories burned…right?

I really could write several posts about where we went to eat and how each chef dazzled us with their talent. I guess that would not be so bad to read about would it? Seriously though,I am the one who takes photos of most of my meals in restaurants. The dishes are so gorgeously presented on the plate, they are like works of art! One meal that could be characterized as one of our most favorites was breakfast at Portage Bay.  The food is large, local, organic, tasty, sustainable and oh so delicious!  We giggled all through breakfast at how fortunate we were to be eating there!

delicious food in Seattle
My latte – delicious!


They have a unique pancake topping bar that contains huge glass bowls piled high with strawberries, blueberries, pears and boysenberries. There is a mountain of whipped cream, a small “hill” of butter and pitchers of pure warm maple syrup. I can honestly say that I have never witnessed a more gorgeous set up for breakfast. These were just the toppings! It was ridiculously good.


delicious food in Seattle
The incredible pancake topping bar at Portage Bay.



delicious food in Seattle
The finished product – (we shared this)



delicious food in Seattle
My eggs with spinach, chicken sausage and parmesan – OMG, so good!

I believe you would characterize these photos as “food porn”. It was so fun to throw our diets out the window and splurge on these amazing dishes.

In addition to serving delicious food the owners of Portage Bay have a simple philosophy about food and I LOVE THIS!

Eat like you give a damn about…

  • where your food comes from
  • what goes in your body
  • the ethics of how your food is raised and handled
  • how your food tastes
  • the environment

When you combine delicious food with a company who cares about the rest of the world it is a home run in my book. If you are in Seattle, visiting Portage Bay is a must.  Love this place! <3

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4 thoughts on “So much delicious food in Seattle!”

  1. Oh, this looks so good! One of our favorite things to do is to go out for breakfast on Saturday mornings – a relaxing way for Joe and I to catch up on the week and do a little planning going forward in to the next. And he loves pancakes! I have to say that what you ordered looks amazing – definitely my kind of breakfast. Thanks for sharing this! Sammamish is lovely but there is absolutely nothing out here so we appreciate an excuse to head out of town on the weekends even if it means a simple trip over the 520 bridge. So glad you had a fun girl’s weekend. Seattle is a fun place to play/explore and a food appreciator’s playground!

    • You need to go into Seattle for some great food. It isn’t that far for you is it? Thank you for reading and commenting!


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