Without a Doubt Empty Nesters Love Their Dogs

empty nesters love their dogs

Without a doubt, empty nesters love their dogs ~

Is it me or are you noticing lots of adorable new puppies on your Facebook feed? From chocolate labs to teeny tiny Chihuahuas, they are coming home to stay with the empty nesters!

Ultimately, it may not the best idea for enhancing your new-found freedom. The kids are grown, the house is quiet and you get… A DOG? Why now? Why complicate your life with a new puppy? Because they are awesome!

empty nesters love their dogs
Because he was the cutest puppy ever!

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Some empty nesters get dogs when the kids move away…

When the kids move away some Empty Nesters get dogs. When the kids are off at school and the nest is Empty, life slows way down, schedules change and the silence can be deafening. I no longer have carpools, school projects, volunteer hours, baseball games and practices, but I have traded those activities for puppy training, wet …

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