Ten Summer Activities Perfect for Empty Nesters & Everyone Else!

summer activities
Our daughter Alex bought us these fun pool floats to go with our mundane ones from Target


What are your favorite summer activities?

Summer is beginning to wind down and this has caused me to pause and reflect upon what I love most about this time of year. Did you love it when the kids were little and there was no set schedule? When this summer freedom became threatened by the Fall school year, there was almost a layer of sadness when that first day of school was on the horizon.

There is the sweetest little elementary school in our neighborhood and we can see the hand painted welcome signs and shiny new backpacks as the children walk to school already in August. What happened to going back to school after Labor Day?

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100 Things I Love About Summer ~ By Kim

100 things I love about summer

I started to write a post about what I love about summer and then I read this clever one from Kim Tackett, who writes an amazing blog called Tour of No Regrets. She captured the essence of summer perfectly and I wanted to share her thoughts with you. I bet you will agree with her list! ~Suzanne

Thanks Kim!

Most people know I am not a fan of the heat. Therefore, it would make sense that I’m not a fan of summer. I presumed this was true, and started a 10 Things I Hate About Summer post. But the fact is, once I listed “the way the sweat drips down your back at 6:30 in the morning” and “the way your skins sticks to the car seat” I didn’t have much. As a lark I retitled this 100 Things I Love About Summer, and imagined I could muster up 10. Not only did I get to 10, but 100 was pretty easy. Go figure. I told Steve what I did, and even he didn’t believe me…but I did, I do, and here it is.

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