Really Fun Things to do with Your Adult Children in Seattle

things to do with your adult children in Seattle
Craig and Suzanne, Alex and boyfriend Brent

What are the best things to do with your adult children in Seattle?

First, make sure you create plans that everyone will be happy with and talk about it, negotiate if you have to. Just don’t make it all about Mom and Dad, include everyone’s favorite activities.

Traveling with a young family is entirely different from deciding what to do with your adult children. When the kids are younger, they pretty much have to do what we say and acquiesce to any plans that we make for them. We are the adults and they are the children.

Once these little people grow up, the game changes. Everyone is living on their own paying their own bills (except their cell phones) coming and going as they please and making their own traveling choices. Deciding what to do with your adult children now becomes a bit more of a conversation, not to mention a logistical nightmare sometimes.

All that aside, we happen to have two enthusiastic grown travelers who are willing (mostly) to do anything that I decide to plan. The fun part is that now they can insert their own experiences and planning skills and our combined efforts turn out some pretty awesome trips.

The four of us took two successful trips together last year and will hopefully be planning one for 2017.

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