No Social Media on Vacation – Is it possible?


No Social Media on Vacation – Is this a problem?

If I don’t post any photos on Facebook or Instagram of my wonderful tropical vacation while we are there, did it really happen? Ha! Of course it did!

How often do you just put away the phone and abstain from checking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, ESPN, CNN or other news apps? For an hour? How about a day? What about a week?

I can guarantee that if you are a social media participant on a regular basis, walking away for a week would be a challenge. For those of you who just check periodically, this post is probably not going to speak to you.


No Social Media on Vacation ~


Craig and I left for Kauai yesterday and I decided NOT to use social media for the entire time we are here. I will answer texts if the kids or our parents need us, but otherwise, no.

This decision does pose a fairly important problem for me as a travel blogger/writer. Being active on social media is part of my job, but we all need a vacation from our jobs sometime don’t we? Most of the destinations we visit are cities which require daily touring and activities. They are not the kind of places you would want to just sit. Too many things to see and do, so it is simple to share on social media while it’s happening!

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