No Social Media on Vacation – Is it possible?


No Social Media on Vacation – Is this a problem?

If I don’t post any photos on Facebook or Instagram of my wonderful tropical vacation while we are there, did it really happen? Ha! Of course it did!

How often do you just put away the phone and abstain from checking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, ESPN, CNN or other news apps? For an hour? How about a day? What about a week?

I can guarantee that if you are a social media participant on a regular basis, walking away for a week would be a challenge. For those of you who just check periodically, this post is probably not going to speak to you.


No Social Media on Vacation ~


Craig and I left for Kauai yesterday and I decided NOT to use social media for the entire time we are here. I will answer texts if the kids or our parents need us, but otherwise, no.

This decision does pose a fairly important problem for me as a travel blogger/writer. Being active on social media is part of my job, but we all need a vacation from our jobs sometime don’t we? Most of the destinations we visit are cities which require daily touring and activities. They are not the kind of places you would want to just sit. Too many things to see and do, so it is simple to share on social media while it’s happening!

Maybe there is a compromise ~

HOWEVER… after giving this idea some serious thought – I realized that part of why I do what I do is to ENGAGE with people. I really love seeing what you are doing and where you are going. I enjoy our interaction and hearing about what you have discovered. So do I really want to go dark for a week? No, I don’t.

What I can do is not pick up the phone every few minutes to see what’s happening on social media. can relax, read my books, enjoy the views and still stay connected. Isn’t is exciting to see your friends enjoying their vacations and family celebrations as they happen? I love to see the pure joy of everyone sharing their triumphs and happy times. Keep sharing, we all need that boost everyday!

no social media on vacation
The shores of Kauai


There are many things to see and do on Kauai, but we have visited many times before and have seen/done most everything. For this trip we want to go to the gym, take long walks, eat lots of tropical fruits, drink a few Mai Tais, go to the spa, read several books and recharge.

We are celebrating our thirty-second wedding anniversary a little early (It’s October 20th) and hopefully Craig will close his laptop for most some of the trip. He is not comfortable with unplugging completely. He and his team work very long hours almost seven days a week. Yes – that’s ridiculous, but true.

I hope to help encourage him to relax and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of one of the world’s most spectacular destinations. Our ocean front suite is crazy amazing and luxurious and the Grand Hyatt Kauai Spa is incredible. Lucky us!


no social media on vacation
Our first cocktail last night. With the time change it was 12:30 am for us, but we were happy to be here!

I hope you have a fabulous and productive, happy, healthy week and I will reconnect with you soon!




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24 thoughts on “No Social Media on Vacation – Is it possible?”

  1. Great post as it makes me think about my upcoming trip. Fortunately, I believe the Wifi is so bad in Bhutan that I won’t have any choice. I, too, want to relax and have a “vacation”. In fact, although I’m not going until next week, I am already “cutting back”. I need a break!

    • Thank you Janice. We all do need to take a break, but at the same time, there are great benefits to staying partially connected. Cant wait to hear about your trip – On social media LOL!

  2. Disconnecting is not easy, but necessary. One of the best family vacations we did was a no device trip to Costa Rica a few years ago. But on the other hand you and i would never have connected (in Hawaii last year) if I hadn’t seen your FB post while we were both there! Have a great time.

    • I totally agree Heidi – We would never have had such a lovely time together either one of us had not posted! When we are with the kids, we are much more careful too.

  3. Ugh. I give myself a challenge every day and say, how long can I stay away. I’ve found that the best solution is to sit down and write a blog post, edit some video, compose some pitch letters or look for new hotels. These things get my full attention and I sometimes even forget to check the email.

  4. Since we have started this blog, we have not had a vacation. Everywhere we go and everything we do is to do with promoting our business, so no, we haven’t turned off social media. Once I forgot my phone when I went for a coffee. I started shaking I am sure 🙂

  5. If I can give up wine for six weeks (and I have repeatedly after the Christmas indulgences!) I think I could do social media. Would miss all those clever memes about wine, though. 🙂
    Congrats on your anniversary, by the way!

  6. Suzanne
    Glad you are recharging your batteries and decompressing. Joel and I love Kauai and our usual itinerary there mirrors the one that you and Craig have planned! If you go to Hanalei on the north shore, go to Pinks ice cream –their ice cream is some of our favorites and they make awesome grilled cheese sandwiches!

    • I don’t know if we will head up to Hanalei this time, but I sure love ice cream and grilled cheese! Still waiting for you to find a minute to write a post for us on 🙂

  7. I really attempt to leave social media behind while traveling, however, I will post pics – under the excuse that my parents get a kick out of seeing what is up each day…
    On last year’s trip to Jamaica, traveling with three other couples, we made a pact to NOT take phones to the pool area or dinner. It was a wonderful break.
    This year’s trip to the Keys, our first, will not doubt be a little more ‘social’ although I hope to keep posts to once a day.
    Unless I catch a manatee.
    Or fall off the sailboat…

    • Laura – I am the same way as your parents – I like to see what is happening on your trip on a daily basis! I can live vicariously! Please don’t fall off the sailboat 🙂

  8. We have the same issues. We were recently forced into a media blackout when we visited a location with almost no internet and no cell coverage. It took a day to get used to it but we did just fine. Still took all the photos we needed but didn’t have to worry about sharing and reacting. In the end it was bliss.

    • Sue: I think that being forced into a media blackout is much easier than choosing to do it! What happens though is that when you return and post photos, the audience thinks you are still there! Thank you for your comments.

  9. I’m just finishing up a China trip, and have missed my internet people terribly! Being a travel blogger and not being able to blog while traveling makes me feel impotent. While I still had the ability to text or Skype my family regularly, I didn’t have a phone that worked in China or steady wifi. I didn’t mind getting around in the daytime without my iPhone (paper maps still work!) but I really missed catching up in the evenings. One good thing–I started keeping a physical travel journal, and resurrected my lost penmanship skills!

    • I bet China feels like a world away! Ha! A paper map? Whats that? I love the idea of the journal – I should really be doing that. You have inspired me.


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