Star Wars Mania – Gingerbread Style

star wars mania
Stars Wars Gingerbread Village at the Sheraton Seattle Hotel


Star Wars mania
One of six different gingerbread masterpieces and each devoted to one of the Star Wars Episodes 1 through VI.

Seattle Star Wars Mania –

Are you part of Star Wars mania? Our kids bought tickets months ago to see the new movie and I bet yours did too. Everywhere you look in social media, fans are dressing the part, acting the part and fully enjoying this Star Wars movie premiere. Here in Seattle we have cocktails named after characters, hashtags galore #maytheforksbewithyou and we even have an entire Gingerbread House display #SEAGingerbreadVillage devoted to Star Wars. Our daughter Alex ( always knows exactly what is fun to see and do in Seattle. So at her suggestion, I packed up my camera and dashed over to the Sheraton Seattle Hotel to see this Star Wars Gingerbread Village.

Star Wars mania
These three Tom Douglas restaurants Cantina Liña, Home Remedy and Tankasan offer some very creative Star Wars themed cocktails and appetizers. The restaurants are located within one block of the Cinerama, which is showing the movie. Super clever!

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