Oh, the places we will go (or just vacations to dream about)! My newest list of destinations for 2015 and beyond!

Life in our Empty Nest is ALWAYS in flux. One minute we have plans to be in Paris on our anniversary and the next minute we have cancelled that trip and we are instead traveling to Hawaii for a business rewards trip. Because my husband Craig travels for business frequently, we quickly accrue points and miles and …

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Australia: The Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb, Bondi Beach and Sharks! Part 2 of 4

Imagine a beautiful harbor with glamorous cruise ships and the spectacular Sydney Opera House. Now imagine that this same extraordinary harbor has a magnificent bridge as well, that stands majestically across the bay from the Opera House! The Sydney Harbor Bridge is another of the wondrous attractions in Sydney, Australia. Two unbelievably interesting architectural wonders within a …

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Dreams come true in Australia – Part 1 of 4

I had so much to say and share about our trip to Australia that I decided to divide my story into four parts. I am still only skimming the surface, otherwise you would be reading for days! Photos speak louder than words and I hope you enjoy my attempt to capture this glorious country of Australia!   …

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