Seattle: A Mother/Daughter Blueberry Picking Adventure


blueberry picking in Seattle

A blueberry picking adventure with the princess ~

blueberry picking in Seattle


Why pay nearly $5.00 a pint for organic blueberries when you can pick them yourself for $2/lb! Since Pasadena is not anywhere near a blueberry farm, it would make picking blueberries nearly impossible at home. However, I was on my way to Seattle where there are many blueberry farms, so the time was ripe!

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Tulips & Mac N’ Cheese at Pike Place Market

 Pike Place Market

Spending A little Time in Pike Place Market

There are special places in Seattle that will always put a smile on your face rain or shine and Pike Place Market is one of the best of them. It is a “must do” when visiting the city! Tourists fill the isles looking at all of the delicious items that our found at the market. They especially like visiting the Pike Place Fish Market, where the fish mongers sing songs and throw whole fish.

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