The Empty Nesters Play : A Charming Production in LA

empty nesters play

Empty Nesters Play on Stage in LA!

Yep it’s true. Someone wrote a play about this very important demographic… US!

Recently, a local marketing consultant reached out to me to share the news of this fantastic play opening in Los Angeles. I was able to invite a few guests, so of course I asked my sweet husband to come. My good friends Tammy and Steve are always up for the theater so they also came with us on this very exciting Hollywood adventure!

empty nesters play
Photo: Paige Petrone Tammy, Steve, Pamela Gaye Walker, JW Walker

They nailed it. Totally and completely nailed it.

First let’s start with the dialog. Garret Jon Groenveld, who has no kids of his own, manages to create a play that at its core tells the heartfelt story of what it is truly like to be an empty nester. He is able to capture those truly heartbreaking moments as well the more humorous ones. I found myself elbowing Craig during the performance because parts of the conversation could have easily been heard at our house, and probably at yours.

empty nesters play
With the playwright Garrett Jon Groenveld


Whether you are empty nesters, or the kids of empty nesters, or the friends of empty nesters, you should see The Empty Nesters. As the San Francisco Examiner said, “Funny and warm, a middle aged couple on the brink, figuratively and literally, light up The Empty Nesters.” All four of us loved it. We thought it was clever, hilarious at times, poignant and I actually teared up once or twice. As Fran, played by the engaging Pamela Gaye Walker, spoke about how she was a Mom with no one to mother, or how she felt like she had lost a limb, I totally get her. I cried every day until February after our first child went to college in another state.

Finally my husband candidly said to me, “Suzanne, she’s at school, she didn’t die.” This play brought me back to the time when I started Adventures of Empty Nesters, where I was lost like Fran and trying to figure out what was next.

John (JW) Walker plays the husband Greg and he had me cracking up with his grumpy dad/husband comments, because everyone’s husband is like this at times. The talented JW and Pamela are husband and wife in real life and have an empty nest as well. Their chemistry is palpable as well as delightful! I know I am gushing, but you need to go, we had a blast, it touched our hearts and made us laugh out loud. The perfect combo.

The small and intimate Zephyr Theater is located on Melrose and seeing The Empty Nesters is the perfect idea for date night, or a night with friends. Make a plan to buy tickets. It only runs until February 17, so don’t wait!

I hear they plan to take this production on the road, so make sure you visit the website in the future!

Here’s the details:

Starring real-life empty nesters John Walker (producer of “The Incredibles,” “Incredibles 2,” “Tomorrowland,” and “The Iron Giant”) and Pamela Gaye Walker (award-winning actress of film, television, and stage) who reunite on stage after a 20-year hiatus.

 Save 25% on tickets with code SAVE25!

Visit or call 866-811-4111


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9 thoughts on “The Empty Nesters Play : A Charming Production in LA”

  1. This was my first experience with a small theater, and it far exceeded my expectations!!! Intelligently written, and expertly performed in an imaginative and well crafted stage setting – the Empty Nester themes resonated perfectly. Most importantly, it provoked thought and conversation. Great to see it together. I highly recommend the Empty Nesters @ the Zephyr Theater for all!!

  2. Suzanne,
    I can’t wait until they take it on the road! I hope they come to Dallas! If they do, please let me know, because my readers and I will fill the theater! Thanks for sharing this! xoxo Suzy

  3. Suzanne,
    Thanks so much for sharing this! I would love to see this show! Please let me know if they bring it to Dallas – my followers and I will fill the theater! xoxo Suzy

  4. Suzanne, Thank you for having me come up with the perfect Valentine gift for Joel and I! I just purchased our tickets for the show!


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