The Hyatt Carmel Highlands :: Unrivaled Views of the California Coast Since 1917

The Hyatt Carmel Highlands

We are headed back to one of our favorite spots on the planet. The one of a kind views from The Hyatt Carmel Highlands in Carmel By the Sea should be on your list of possible destinations.

The magical drive up the rocky California Coast should be on everyone’s adventure list and anytime of year is the perfect time to go. As a native Californian, I have been making this drive since I was a youngster and my husband and I have been vacationing in Carmel for at least 30 years. We have stayed here during every season and they all offer something different.

The Hyatt Carmel Highlands
There is a turnout just across the highway from The Highlands Inn. This is what you see as you look over the railing. Breathtaking!


There is nothing I don’t love about this area of the country. Even if the foggy air is dense with moisture, I  still love it here. Don’t be surprised to visit in August to find that it is as cold as a winter’s day in Seattle. It is just the way it is.

Don’t let it bother you, the views of the turquoise ocean, Cyprus Trees and craggy shore are worth whatever inclement weather you encounter.

The Hyatt Carmel Highlands
Sunset from the deck of our room. I kid you not!


Oh, and the beaches are perfection ~

On our last trip to The Hyatt Carmel Highlands, we enjoyed unheard of 85 degree temps in September. The Pacific Ocean shines and twinkles when the sun is so bright.

The Hyatt Carmel Highlands

The Hyatt Carmel Highlands
The beach at the end of the main street of Carmel. Amazing.

The Hyatt Carmel Highlands

What to love about The Hyatt Carmel Highlands – Everything

The Highlands Inn
Part of the grand lobby of The Hyatt Carmel Highlands
Two martinis with a view at The Hyatt Carmel Highlands.
Cocktails with a view from the bar/lobby

Located on a cliff-top over looking the spectacular coast of Big Sur, The Hyatt Carmel Highlands has been welcoming guests since 1917! The hotel is charming and cozy and the scent of burning wood is always in the air, no matter which season you visit. The service is excellent and the views from the restaurant and bar are truly unrivaled.

The spectacular views from the restaurant at The Hyatt Carmel Highlands.
The picture postcard view from the restaurant.
Coffee and a view at The Hyatt Carmel Highlands.
Coffee with a view!

The world-class cuisine is classy, delicious and the menu offers the perfect combination of California favorites.

The french toast at The Carmel Highlands Inn is fantastic!
French toast with strawberries, pecans and warm syrup~ OMG

Our two-story room/bungalow was private with a cabin-like feel, with a granite kitchen, stone fireplace, large soaking tub and stunning views of the water.

The guest rooms at The Carmel Highlands Inn are so cozy.

The bedroom with a soaking tub at The Carmel Highlands Inn.

Tips for visiting downtown Carmel ~

The drive to downtown Carmel is less than ten minutes away from the hotel and you can find terrific local restaurants, luxury shopping, quaint and clever pet stores, bakeries, art galleries, leather wear and coffee houses. My only complaint is that it does get a bit touristy with large buses of tourists.

Go to downtown Carmel earlier in the morning or late in the afternoon to try to avoid the crowds. A car is a must. If you are flying in to San Jose, or San Francisco definitely rent a car. You can also fly in to Southern California, see the sights and then make your way up the delicious California coast and fly home from Northern California. This is a smart and enjoyable plan as well.

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