Anderson Cooper & I like the same new restaurant in San Francisco


new restaurant in San Francisco

Che Fico is a new restaurant in San Francisco that is f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s and the photo above made it famous!

new restaurant in San Francisco
Mushroom, Sausage, Mozzarella with Calabrian Chili – They split the pizza in half so I could eat it with out the chili.

Fun Back Story ~

My traveling foodie friend Angela is currently enjoying a fantastic three-week trip to Portugal. She sent me a kind of cryptic message via Facebook that said “Do you know about this?” There was no link and just the photo of the pizza with no other references. It turns out that Anderson Cooper (Yes, that one from CNN) posted this enticing pizza photo on Instagram and raved about his friend’s new restaurant in San Francisco.

And then…

The next morning I received the same photo from Kylie (Nick’s girlfriend and SF restaurant expert) with a text that says, “We have a reservation at Che Fico tomorrow night! The restaurant has only been open for one week, but I know it will be fabulous!” What a coincidence! My people are sure in the know, aren’t they?

So we went and it was… AMAZING!

Positive restaurant buzz can be infectious. One person tells a friend and before you know it, everyone wants to go! The only problem is that when we share, then the reservations are so much harder to get!

new restaurant in San Francisco

We arrived at 7:30pm and Che Fico was hopping! It was busy with happy eaters and drinkers, lots of happy staff and the aroma was intoxicating. The Italian restaurant is quite large,(loved the interior design) and offers long shared tables, regular tables, lots of booths and a counter as well.

We tried several dishes and every single one was truly amazing. I cannot believe this restaurant has only been open for a week. So impressive and professional, we can’t wait to go back!

Check out what we ate ~

new restaurant in San Francisco
Chopped Salad with yummy ingredients – Loved the vinaigrette!
new restaurant in San Francisco
Suppli – Fried rice balls with tomato and provolone

Plates of Pasta to Share ~ OMGee

new restaurant in San Francisco
Cavatelli – Fatto a Mano (Made by hand) Broccoli, lemon, pecorino
new restaurant in San Francisco
Rigatoni Amatriciana – Tomatoes, guanciale, chiles, pecorino-romano

Olive Oil Cake with macerated strawberries ~

new restaurant in San Francisco

Che fico in Italian means “how cool” and that is exactly what it is!  Located in the Nopa neighborhood of downtown San Francisco, they serve warm Italian-style hospitality and food served every day with local California ingredients.

For the food lovers who want the details, the crust is made with a sourdough starter from Tartine Bakery and the charred crust is on purpose to give layers of extra flavor.

A view up close, that is lightly grated cheese on the crust!

new restaurant in San Francisco

You can find it here ==> 838 Divisadero Street and the website here ==> Che Fico

new restaurant in San Francisco

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  1. Oh My! I am urgently needing that salad!! And what a cool way to do the pizza crust. Will have to add this to my someday list of San Fran places!


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