What to do when it rains in Seattle…Everything!

parks in Seattle
This little one was dancing in the puddles!

 What to do when it rains in Seattle.

Funny question. My answer is everything. There is everything to do in one of the most stunning cities in the world. Seattlites don’t want us to know that it really doesn’t rain as much as people say it does.

In February, if you check your weather app on your phone, you will see rain, rain, rain on every day of the week in Seattle. However, what it doesn’t tell you is that it is not a constant rain, but most of the time each day is filled with sporadic showers.  So when visiting the Emerald City, do not let the rain deter any of your plans, you will miss out!

There is so much to see, to eat and to do that you must make every minute count! On a dreary February day, just after a rain shower, we headed to the Washington State Park, a 200 acre arboretum in the Madison Park neighborhood near downtown. We enjoyed one of the many outdoor open spaces you can visit in Seattle.

We just loved the vibrant, green foliage and the intoxicating smell of the forest after a rain shower. Don’t you love the smell of the air after it rains? Just imagine the heavenly scent emanating from the woodsy, fertile, topography of Seattle.

In prior posts, I have written about A Snack and a Stroll Through Pike Place Market, The Space Needle and Chihuly Gardens . These attractions should all be at the top of every tourist’s list, but make sure you save time to check out the beautiful parks, and spectacular gardens of this amazing city!

What to do when it rains in Seattle


What to do when it rains in Seattle


Washington State Park in Seattle


My husband Craig and daughter Alex. She is wearing her University of Washington hat proudly.



As we navigated the mud puddles, we came upon an unusual sighting: a Red Breasted Sapsucker. An excited bird watcher stopped us in our tracks so we could photograph and observe this interesting creature. If you look closely you can see the trail of vertical holes where he pecked his way along. Although I don’t find bird watching too intriguing, our new friend’s enthusiasm and willingness to share her knowledge was infectious!

red breasted sap sucker in Seattle


Washington State Park in Seattle


A park in Seattle


What to do when it rains in Seattle


What to do when it rains in Seattle



Most visitors will definitely wonder what to do when it rains in Seattle. Our daughter has lived there for eight years and we have traveled there countless times. You can read more about how Seattle “kidnapped our daughter”===> here!

Never mind the rain, just enjoy this glorious city and make sure you include a walk in the park. It’s a free activity and everyone will love it! Our walk in the Washington State Park was so peaceful and such a lovely way to spend a winter afternoon. Enjoy the photos!


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28 thoughts on “What to do when it rains in Seattle…Everything!”

  1. Sometimes we let a stereotype dictate us right out of a memorable experience. Seattle? “Too rainy.” Well, perhaps on a full-time basis. But your visit proves there is beauty to be found regardless of the weather, and a sunny disposition can find the fun in any situation.

    • I think you are correct Betsy. The proverbial “make lemonade out of lemons” fits this situation. Since our daughter lives in Seattle, the first words from anyone we meet are “How does she handle the rain?” We just giggle and say “just fine”.

  2. My grandmother lived in Vancouver BC and when she moved there a neighbor told her “if you are waiting for the rain to stop, don’t! Just go out!” A light rain is actually quite enjoyable to me now, having lived in Austin TX for 16 years now. Seattle is definitely one of the places I would like to spend a few months on my future nomadic adventures. Thanks for all the lovely photos!

  3. I cannot believe I haven’t visited Seattle yet. I have an arsenal of travel information ready for the day I make the trip though, thanks to you!

  4. Our youngest son will be graduating from UW in June. Have visited Seattle many times. The rain is what makes for the Pacific Northwest’s beauty. Strongly suggest you do EVERYTHING in rainy weather. One suggestion: Visit Boeing in Everett, WA about 40 minutes north of Seattle. If you enjoy anything even remotely related to aviation, you’ll enjoy this tour of Boeing’s facility!

  5. I have only been to Seattle three times but not once did it rain! The last time (about two years ago) the temperatures were over a 100 degrees and it was miserable! No one had air conditioning. My friends live on a hilly, tree covered part of the city but even with fans we were too warm to sleep. That hadn’t happened in something like 70 years! But it’s a great city and seems to have a very good quality of life and active artsy and traveling community so I can see how your daughter was kidnapped!

  6. Kay – We have suffered in the heat as well! Who knew it could get so hot. My daughters apartment did not have a/c – she was miserable. She has since moved to a modern building downtown. No worries about the temperature any longer!


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