Watching The Oscars… My Superbowl!

The excitement is building and it is that time of year to anticipate who will win at The Academy Awards.

On Sunday, February 22nd, The Oscars will be televised around the globe and I am so excited!

Watching the Oscars at my house is sacred. No talking unless spoken to. Thank goodness for the pause button! In the old days I can remember running to the bathroom at the commercial so I would not miss a minute!

No recording, I will definitely be watching the awards show live because I am watching simultaneously with my daughter Alex, who lives in Seattle and her friends. We text back and forth about which dresses are the most beautiful etc. We all absolutely LOVE Neal Patrick Harris (NPH), so I am really looking forward to his hosting the Oscars.


I actually spoke to him once at the drinking fountain at Equinox in Century City. He was adorable. We are bff’s now… just kidding. He is so talented and has done an amazing job at the Tony Awards. He will be fabulous.

I have joked for years that The Academy Awards are my Superbowl! Craig and I love to go to the movies and there are some really fantastic ones to choose from this year. It is so fun to see the gorgeous dresses and fabulous designer tuxes during the show.

It is a great evening to kick back, drink champagne and be entertained. Do you enjoy watching the Oscars? Do you have a favorite movie this year?

I am rooting for either Birdman or The Theory of Everything for best picture. Both Michael Keaton and Eddie Redmayne both deserve best actor. Who do you hope will win?


Enjoy the show and don’t call me – I won’t pick up.




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4 thoughts on “Watching The Oscars… My Superbowl!”

  1. Absolutely! My Mom and I would watch the Oscar’s faithfully and she would tell my 3 brothers and Dad that this was “OUR girl time!”. We would get our drinks/snacks and get situated so we didn’t have to get up! Later in my life, we would get together to watch and praise/critique the dresses over the years. When I moved out of state, we would talk on the phone the entire time. My Mom went to Heaven in 2005 and I continue to watch, to make my comments about the dresses with my daughters and just know that my Mom is listening in. A very favorite day for me – always. <3

    • Oh Kerry what a lovely story! What wonderful memories of you mother and how you carried on the tradition with your daughters. I will be thinking of you!

  2. I start with the red carpet preshow, and don’t finish until I have read every red carpet review and watched the next day’s Fashion Police. Trying to see the last of the movies now. Loved both Boyhood, Birdman and Grand Budapest Hotel. Gotta see Imitation Game and Theory of Everything in the next two days. And I agree, love NPH!

    • Oh Kim – We have another thing in common! Of course we do! I hope you get to the movies to see them! GBHotel was not my favorite – I fell asleep. I read today there are 9 musical numbers plus NPH’s opening. Should be an entertaining show!


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