Seattle: A snack and a stroll through Pike Place Market

 Pike Place Market

My wonderful sister-in-law Leslie and my delightful niece Delaney.


Pike Place Market is one of two iconic landmarks that immediately come to mind when I think of Seattle. The Space Needle of course being the first! But hands down my absolute favorite thing to do in Seattle is to stroll through Pike Place Market. On our most recent trip, my sister-in-law Leslie and I took my niece Delaney on an entertaining adventure enjoying the activities of the Market.

Over the years we have developed a favorite route through the market … and we always begin at the mini doughnuts stand. We buy 6 or 12 doughnuts (depending upon hunger level), they are served warm in a brown paper bag by some delightful characters behind the counter. We typically order “the mix “- freshly made, warm, mini doughnuts coated in either cinnamon & sugar, powdered sugar or granulated sugar. HEAVEN IN A BAG!


Pike Place Market
Enjoying the tasty mini doughnuts!


The next stop is my husband Craig’s very favorite spot, the world famous Pike Place Fish Market. If time allowed, he would stand there all day and watch the fun at The Fish Market. The fishmongers dress in bright orange rubber overalls and are famous for harassing (in a cute way) and joking with customers. When someone purchases a fish, they toss it up to the counter and sing. They chant and repeat the order several times as they hurl the fish! It is so unique, you have never seen anything like it. The atmosphere is very lively and there are tourists from all over the world competing with each other to take the perfect photo. It’s a hoot!


Pike Place Market
Delaney and the super friendly fishmonger


Next is my favorite of the favorites, walking through the vibrant flower, fruit and vegetable stands.

According to their informative website: “Pike Place Market is home to Seattle’s first farmers market. Founded more than a century ago to provide a place for farmers and customers to meet directly, the Market continues the “Meet the Producer” tradition with farmers selling their produce and products at Market farm stalls seven days a week, 362 days a year. Today, more than 80 Washington farmers sell at the Market, offering Seattle residents and visitors the freshest and highest quality seasonal abundance from their fields.”

It is also a photographer’s dream…






Now on to the vegetables!





Coffee anyone?

Seattle is famous for the coffee houses as well as the location for the very first Starbucks, which was founded in 1971. It is located on the cobblestone street in the historic Pike Place Market. It is always super crowded, but you just can’t miss it!



Last but not least… there are hundreds of crafty stores, ethnic foods, fantastic bakeries, wonderful restaurants, street performers and countless other delights! We finished the afternoon with steaming hot, cheesy macaroni and cheese from Beecher’s Hand Made Cheese. It was a cloudy and wet day and the three of us bumped spoons as we shared this killer “World’s Best” Mac & Cheese!

How cute is Delaney? She so patiently posed for many photos!




According to the Complete Guide to Pike Place Market ,The Market is visited by more than 10 million people each year. Everyone who goes there can come away with their own personal favorites. This is just a small view into an energetic and tasty attraction in Seattle.

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22 thoughts on “Seattle: A snack and a stroll through Pike Place Market”

  1. Loved your post narrative and the great pictures of Pike’s Place Market. I remember watching a video years ago on the Pike’s Fish Market (at a hospital I worked at if you can believe it!) to illustrate the importance of motivated employees! All I know is, their job looked a lot more fun that mine! haha! Anita

    • What an interesting way to be introduced to Pike Place Market – in a video at a hospital! I am sure those fishmongers love their jobs. They work selling the fish, but they get to interact with people from all over the world. They are definitely happy fellows!

  2. Now I would totally bet into the cheese, haven’t tried that yet and it looks delicious…I love markets so Pikes is my fav in Seattle also..just posted recently about a fish market in Split.

    • The mac and cheese is crazy good! I love fish markets too, if they don’t smell “fishy” but typically they don’t if they are right on the coast! Thank you for your comments!

    • Lis, not to comment jack this excellent piece about Pike’s Place Market in Seattle, but when you visit Philadelphia in a few weeks, check out the Reading Terminal Market—our version of Pike’s Place. Suzanne, you’ve done a great job of describing the ambiance and goings on at Pike’s Place Market. I’ve been there—actually, it’s one of the “must do’s”, any time I’m in Seattle.

      • Suzanne – you are so funny “comment jack” is a great term! I would love to visit Philadelphia one day and the Reading Terminal Market as well! Thank you for your kind comments!

  3. A photographers dream is right – Pike Place Market is such a great place. The flowers are incredible and I’m pretty sure I’ve got very similar photos from our visits. Seattle is a fun city and no visit is complete without spending time at the market, definitely one of our favs.

    • The flowers are breathtaking aren’t they? I am also a foodie geek, so I love photographing the fruits and vegetables as well!

  4. Doreen, have you been to any markets lately that you think are “must do’s”? Seattle is a multi-faceted city and since my daughter lives there I visit 4 – 5 times a year. I love that city! Thank you for your comments!

  5. I can’t wait to visit the areas you focused on with your gorgeous photos. The Pike Market has a very interesting history of how they took a boring job and made it a big photo-op. The trick is to make it fun and I’m surprised more places don’t do the same to become as successful.

    • Thank you! I look forward to seeing you photos when you go! Seattle has a very colorful history and there is an “Underground Tour” that takes you through how they built the city. It is super fascinating!

  6. We LOVE Pike Place Market! The next time you are in Seattle, take a foodie tour with Savor Seattle. They visit the market but also several restaurants in the area and give a great walking history tour along the way. It was great!

    • Thank you for your comments! Our daughter lives there and we go around 4 times a year. I will definitely take the Savor Seattle tour! Thank you for the tip! Our daughter is so great about introducing us to new restaurants and bars. What a city for food and drink!


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