Best Brunch in San Francisco?

best brunch in San Francisco
FLORENTINE BENEDICT: sautéed spinach, tomato, parmesan, Meyer lemon hollandaise


Follow me to the best brunch in San Francisco ~

Knit beanies, Northface slickers, jeans, fashionable rainboots and Jack Purcells were the uniform of the day on a very rainy Sunday in downtown San Francisco. So where are all the twenty-somethings going for the best food I have had in quite a while? Sweet Maple.

Brunch is definitely the “in” thing~

We love brunch because it solves the breakfast/lunch dilemma in our family. My favorite meal of the day is breakfast and Craig would rather have hot tea and nothing for breakfast. Boring. So on the weekends we can compromise with going out for brunch and also because “brunching” is such the happening thing these days! We often take a long walk afterward and burn off a few of the extra calories. This one large meal counts for both breakfast and lunch – the perfect plan!
Our son Nick has been trying out several great spots in San Francisco, but currently his favorite brunch spot is Sweet Maple. He was clearly not alone with his enthusiasm. The restaurant was absolutely packed with exuberant young people, talking, laughing and waiting for their tables to be ready. The din was so loud that it was nearly overwhelming, however this only proved just how great this place really is!
I’m not sure whether the attraction to Sweet Maple is the hip neighborhood of Lower Pacific (Pac) Heights, the bottomless Mimosas or “Bloodys”, lively atmosphere, or mammoth portions of delicious food, but we hit the brunch jackpot for sure!
Although it was crowded, the waitlist went quickly and efficiently and was absolutely worth every minute. We were happy to stand with our son, crammed in the entry, watching the rain and catching up on his life in San Francisco.

Best Brunch in SF? Sweet Maple takes the win, for sure!

best brunch in San Francisco
SOUTH OF THE BORDER SCRAMBLE: chorizo, cherry pepper, avocado, pepper jack with a side of pico de gallo
PANCAKES: served with pure Vermont maple syrup and butter, with fired banana & candied walnut topping.
best brunch in San Francisco
SOUTHERN BENEDICT: chorizo, cherry pepper, tomato, chipotle hollandaise
best brunch in San Francisco
“We kindly ask our bottomless customers, in order to make Sweet Maple brunch enjoyable for all guests, please keep your laughter and voices lower and limit your seating time to two hours.”

How cute is this? Kindly not get too rowdy and don’t drink here all day. I think that is a reasonable request.

 Oh yes! The Millionaire’s Bacon…

Millionaire Bacon
MILLIONAIRE’S BACON as featured on “United States of Bacon” of Discovery Network. Thick, free range bacon, baked with brown sugar, cayenne, red and black pepper.


I don’t even eat bacon, but I took a bite and it was DELICIOUS, SWEET & PEPPERY.

When in San Francisco, don’t miss Sweet Maple! They don’t take reservations, but they offer aromatic free cups of coffee while you wait.

Sweet Maple

2101 Sutter St

San Francisco, CA 

415 – 665- 9169

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6 thoughts on “Best Brunch in San Francisco?”

  1. When we were visiting San Fran last year, we delighted in breakfast at The Sun Rise Cafe and brunch at Hogs and Rocks. But Sweet Maple might be worth another x-country trip for the bacon and chorizo alone.

    • Thank you Judith for the suggestions. I am not familiar with these restaurants. There are a gillion in SF! I will go back again soon and try yours! Thanks for reading and for commenting.

  2. This looks VERY yunmy! Makes me think of a food walking tour we did in Napa with my father, his wife and our son a few years ago. It would be great fun to go with you and Craig if you ever want to join us.


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