The Top Ten Dishes of 2015 – So hard to choose!


top ten dishes of 2015
Buttery and aromatic Eggs Benedict at Sweet Maple in San Francisco


“First we eat, then we do everything else.” ~ M.F.K. Fisher

How to choose my top ten dishes of 2015 … It was tough!

How do you narrow down a very long list to just the top ten dishes of 2015? Honestly? It’s really not fair and damn near impossible to choose which meals we loved the most. I actually started with forty photos of the many photogenic and delicious bites Craig and I have enjoyed. Enticing, colorful, mostly savory dishes that I would pay to go back to eat once more (and probably again after that)!

Searching for and visiting new restaurants and vibrant local markets is an important part of travel. We are always on the hunt for what’s hip, what’s authentic and where the local foodies like to eat. From Los Angeles to Maine, Costa Rica to Hawaii, sprinkled with visits to major foodie cities in the United States, we have eaten some AMAZING dishes this year.

I traveled nineteen times for and was very fortunate to experience new landscapes, spent quality time with interesting people and revisited some of our favorite cities. This year we challenged ourselves to branch out in the cities we were familiar with by trying new restaurants. We do have our favorite spots in cities like New York, San Francisco and Napa so it is difficult to pass them up for new ones. It is a tough job, but we were glad to oblige.

Our plan was to find new adventures in every destination and we accomplished this in a big way.

We were delighted most of the time on our various trips, with only one disappointment. You can check it out here if you wish!

Our time in Costa Rica was a dream, Kennebunkport is the most friendly, picturesque, delicious little piece of Americana ever and I am so grateful to have been invited. We dove much deeper into Seattle, San Francisco and New York to experience each city from a new vantage point. We even were able to see NYC from high atop the Grand Hyatt on the 36th floor. Simply breathtaking.

Our return to Maui for our anniversary was filled with new adventures (including goats and vodka) and phenomenal food and drink. We attended an outdoor concert called Outside Lands in San Francisco with our kids which offered some unique bites of “junk” food. I certainly stepped out of my comfort zone with concert dining.

It was imperative to narrow down the list of favorites to make writing this post more manageable, but if you click on Restaurants and Food at the top of this page you can can read all of the reviews and anecdotes of our culinary journey of 2015.


top ten dishes of 2015
A tart, frozen Acaí Bowl with fresh Hawaiian fruit & organic granola at Island Vintage Coffee in Kaanapali Beach, Maui


top ten dishes of 2015
Mmmmm – Tavoláta in Seattle, WA ~ Intense grilled eggplant with roasted red peppers & basil and housemade burrata, grilled nectarines with arugula.


top ten dishes of 2015
Dee-licious bar food at Magnolia House in Pasadena, CA ~ Brussels sprouts with cilantro pistachio pesto, smoked bacon, crispy egg and pecorino cheese.


top ten dishes of 2015
Crazy amazing lobster rolls at the 1802 House Bed and Breakfast in Kennebunkport, Maine – Owner and innkeeper Teri makes them herself.


top ten dishes of 2015
I could eat this for lunch everyday – Albacore Tuna Rice Bowl with smashed avocado, edamame, radish, hollandaise, herbed salad from Tanakasan, Seattle WA


best dishes of 2015
Tagliatelle with Pork Ragu from Union in Pasadena, CA . Union is out of this world and a must when coming to this city.


A celebration dinner at the famous Spago in Beverly Hills, CA for our son’s graduation from UCLA. Squid ink pasta with fresh buttery lobster melted in your mouth.


Our entire farm to table experience eating dinner in the middle of the fields. The dream dinner of a lifetime.


best dishes of 2015
Triple Coconut Cream Pie with white chocolate & toasted coconut from the Dahlia Lounge, Seattle WA – WORTH EVERY SINGLE CALORIE If I could only eat one dessert for the rest of my life, it is this pie.


If your mouth isn’t watering after reading through these descriptions and viewing these photos, you better check your pulse.

Have you eaten some memorable meals this year? What are your top ten dishes of 2015?

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16 thoughts on “The Top Ten Dishes of 2015 – So hard to choose!”

  1. I’ve spent some time looking at your photos to pick the one that makes my mouth water the most — that’s not an easy job. However, my mood today takes me to the tagliatelle with pork ragu. Looks delicious. Here’s to another tasty year ahead!

  2. I love lobster rolls and positively swooned when I saw your photo of a whole platter of lobster rolls at 1802 B & B. You had a tasty year! Cheers to 2016!

  3. OH LORD HAVE MERCY! The white chocolate coconut pie looks absolutely decadent! And I’m not even much of a dessert gal. Heck, I might even give my right arm for that recipe!

    • Hi Jackie! You do not have to give up a body part for a coconut cream pie recipe. If you Google Tom Douglas Coconut Cream Pie Recipe you will find it. He gladly shares it! Let me know if you try it on your own!


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