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Photo by Sarah Adler and Simply Real Health

Digital News: Stories we found on the web

An online newspaper is the online version of a newspaper, usually they look very similar to the paper ones and offer the same stories. Many of us receive news from sources other than a newspaper like from blogs, newsletters, periodicals and videos.

Craig and I receive updates and articles sent directly into our email inbox so we can read them when we have a minute. On Saturdays we sit with our laptops and share what we each have found that the other may not. It’s like getting the news two for one! Here are just a few stories I found particularly interesting this week.

I have not published one of these digital news posts in weeks due to our travel schedules and the excessive unpacking from our move!


I just love this girl, Sarah. Her sunshine, her smile and her passion for people. Just look at the Greek salad above! Do you go to the farmer’s market? We try to go often, especially in the summer and I found her tips for shopping at the market super helpful, plus a recipe for a killer salad!
digital news tomatoes at the farmers market
Farmer’s market in Pasadena

From the NY Times and Pete Wells:

At In Situ, in San Francisco: Originality in Careful Copies

By avoiding originality, In Situ is the most original new restaurant in the country. The restaurant opened a month ago inside the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, in a space off the lobby that was built during the museum’s transformative recent expansion. Inside, the chef, Corey Lee, faithfully replicates dishes dreamed up by Sean Brock, Alice Waters and other innovators. None of the recipes are his own.

We did not schedule a meal there on our recent trip to SFMOMA, but you can be sure we will the next time!

behind-the-portrait-07 digital news
Photo and quote by Jonathan Canlas

Photographing People: Getting the shot

“I’m always practicing my skill. And yes, photography to me is a skill. It is not a talent. Anyone can take a photo. Anyone. However, not everyone can take a good photo. It takes skill, hard work, and a lot of practice.

Do you practice your photography skills?

Washcloths in Italy: Do Italians use them? A very fun and informative post by my friend and fellow travel blogger Irene S. Levine. Evidently these common little bathroom items were no where to be found in Italy. Irene did some investigation to find out what other travelers were discovering. It’s a fun read.

How much of your news do you read from the web?

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