Grand Empty Nesters

The "Grand Nesters" and their wonderful family!
The “Grand Empty Nesters” and their wonderful family!

This post is written by a first time Guest Adventurer, Karen B. and she has created a new category: Grand Empty Nester  


Our story is similar Suzanne.  Joe started when Steve was 9 in Little League in Arcadia (back then that was the earliest you could play – no T Ball) and continued with him through Colt.  He started as coach, then manager & on to Little League President as well as Athletic Director for Jr All American Football.  Amy was a cheerleader for Jr. All American & I was “cheer mom”.  Lots of memories of wonderful championship games won and some lost.  Memories of my little cheer leading squad winning the Valley championship ( amazing that we never missed one of Steve’s games, but somehow Joe & Steve didn’t make that cheer competition!!  Then  we watched Steve coach our granddaughters in soccer & now they have moved on also leaving Steve & Kath Empty Nesters!  So that is how I arrived at our title Grand Empty Nesters!!

Karen B – Temecula, CA

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