Life’s Simple Pleasures – A Recipe for the Perfect London Fog

Life’s Simple Pleasures

Among the many lessons learned from the Covid quarantine, embracing life’s simple pleasures must be at the top. Life was so restricted that we needed to look for happiness in different locations.

Where I would normally embrace going out to a new restaurant, this was now not an option; shopping in a fun boutique, nope, not happening. We all ended up just accepting the circumstances and staying home to stay safe. 

We cooked, we learned, we read, we baked, we did puzzles, we stayed home. 

In our house, we created Cocktail Adventures– I was so desperate to talk about travel and share travel stories that Craig and I created a video series where we shared our favorite cocktail recipe and paired it with a travel memory. Click here to watch – these videos were pretty popular!

The London Fog – A delightful beverage to make at home

This London Fog recipe was also something new – we used to enjoy heading over to the hippest local coffee house and sitting among the urbanites working and reading at the high-top tables. Not during COVID!

Both Craig and I were crazy about this drink, so we figured out the recipe and successfully created ours at home!

Steep the tea in a large cup – only use about 1/2 cup of water. Add the teaspoons or tablespoons ( I use teaspoons, Craig loves tablespoons) of syrup to the milk before you steam. Steam the milk in a stainless steel pitcher. Pour into the cup with the teabag. Leave in the tea bag; it enhances the flavor. Enjoy!  


life's simple pleasures
A colorful sunset from our deck. Photo: Gus Hubert
lifes simple pleasures
Rocco can always boost my spirits!

Looking for the positives

I am still continually looking for the positives I can take from one of the hardest years of our lives- embracing life’s simple pleasures like sunshine, playing with our dog Rocco, a colorful sunset, and reading a good book are some of mine. I don’t travel like I used to or work like I used to, so I am continually learning to pivot. You too?

How about the unexpected call from a friend or the laughter of babies? 

lifes simple pleasures
Our 7-month old twin grandchildren James & Josephine

I have several friends enjoying the purchase of new electric bikes! That sounds like fun! What kinds of things do you gravitate to when seeking a joyful opportunity? Share in the comments!

I hope I never lose the passion for life’s simple pleasures, but I wouldn’t mind taking a fun trip and reporting back! Soon, really soon, I hope!

Enjoy the London Fog!

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