Come Walk With Me to the Eastside of Seattle & Visit Kirkland, Washington

visit Kirkland
We live one mile from this spot at OO Denny Park, so we just grabbed our beach chairs and headed over at 4 pm on a weekday!

The Eastside of Seattle – Visit Kirkland, Our New Home

Come over to the Eastside of Seattle and visit Kirkland, WA. Eight months ago, we made the challenging decision to move to the Pacific Northwest to be close to our newborn grandchildren.

visit Kirkland
4 Generations – My Mom came to visit and we were delighted by the magical sunset. L to R Me, Josephine, daughter Alex, my mom Linda and James. The twins are 7 months in this photo.

We sold our perfectly appointed Empty Nest in Southern California and bought a modern, sleek home with a view of Lake Washington. I have written about our experience HERE and HERE, and for the most part, I would say we are thriving.

It is not easy to move to a new and much colder climate, however, when you travel for a living, visiting a cold climate is easy! You come prepared with the correct clothing and but know that when you return back home to warm, sunny temps, the cold is behind you!

Not so anymore! Living in this sometimes frigid climate has been the most significant adjustment, and my closet is now full of new coats. Yay! We also scheduled a mid-winter escape and flew to Maui to stay two weeks so we could soak up some of that tropical atmosphere.

One of the major benefits of choosing the neighborhood in Kirkland that we did, is the proximity to Lake Washington. Lake Washington is a spectacular freshwater lake that borders Seattle to the West and Bellevue and Kirkland to the East. It borders the city of Renton to the South and Kenmore to the North.  The views of the lake are magnificent here whether it is cold and foggy, a driving rainstorm, or bright and sunny. I am LOVING this aspect of our move.

Come take a walk with me and see what I see every single day.

As I grow older, I am much more in tune with nature and appreciate the small nuances of gardens, trees, and landscapes. I notice the tiny blossoms ready to bloom, whether a neighbor has planted something new or trimmed the trees. Do you see these things in your neighborhood? Have you always noticed them?

I love taking Rocco on a walk to the lake park, shuffling through pine needles, pine cones, and stray branches and twigs. Rocco tries to pick up virtually every stick he sees! He loved the snow too!

In this post, you will see photos taken from Summer 2020 through March 2021 that captures the summer weather, fall, and winter, and then spring. The area is equally beautiful regardless of the month.

We are slowly discovering our new area here, and I will report back soon with a broader picture of what Kirkland is really like! I do want to mention that it is charming and has so many outdoor areas to see and enjoy, along with great restaurants, coffee houses, and shops. Nearby, Woodinville is a beautiful enclave of wineries too. Jackpot!

Summer at Lake Washington

visit Kirkland
A perfect summer day and when it is clear we can see Mt Rainier in the distance! Spectacular!
visit Kirkland
Our local lake park, bathed in sunlight!


visit Kirkland
This sunset photo was taken from our deck on October 8th.
OO Denny Park, Kirkland, WA
A view north on a sunny November day!
a boathouse on Lake Washington
This boathouse is a favorite of mine! I walk by it every day and it always looks different depending upon how clear and sunny it is. November 23, 2020.
visit Kirkland
This is one of my favorite photos so far. Taken in January! The cloud formation is incredible, you can see Mt Rainier in the distance and the young girl had a branch bent like a fishing pole. Spectacular!

 Winter – It Snowed!

visit Kirkland
I really got a kick out of the four days of snow that we had in our new home!
snow in Kirkland
Our little street had quite an incline and was not plowed by the city. We just gave in to the fact that we were not leaving the house and it was easy.

March 2021

March 2021 – I captured this shot of the park on a late afternoon walk.
This photo of the lake was taken yesterday on a sunny morning!


Final Thoughts

August 13th will be our one-year anniversary living in Kirkland. We have been through an awful lot of adjusting. Finding just the right place for Craig’s 87-year-old mom to live, new doctors, (new everything!) and constant COVID fatigue (everyone had that too), are just a few of the obstacles we have faced in the last year.

The twins are now eight months old, and absolutely adorable. I share photos of them on social media on Mondays if you are curious.

Let’s connect on FacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram – Hope to see you there!

We have all been fully vaccinated and I no longer have to wear a mask with the babies. Eight months of torture! I can’t wait to get back out traveling and we are already planning several trips in the next four months. Can I get a woo hoo?

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