My Newest Adventure: Discovering Simply Real Health

Simply Real Health
Sarah Adler of Simply Real Health

Simply Real Health

Don’t you just love it when you come across something fantastic and you are certain it will delight virtually every person you know? Me too!

For quite some time I have been happily following Sarah Adler who created Simply Real Health “A company on a mission to teach people how to live a healthy life, made simple”.  My daughter Alex was two years behind Sarah at the University of Washington and they were sorority sisters.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading her delightful blog, successfully tried her recipes and have been impressed by her perspective. Although she is young (I mean no disrespect), she is wise beyond her years. She gets it. She gets that eating right isn’t always easy and she really can help us feel better, eat healthier, get out of our recipe rut, eat more seasonally, save money and be more efficient about cooking real food.


I can completely relate to Sarah’s philosophies about food and health and I find myself nodding in agreement while reading her blog posts. She also creates helpful videos featuring her lovely smile and infectious, happy personality. She shares simple ideas, yet they are clever and d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!

Here is one of the videos.

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I know that this post may sound a bit like a commercial, but she is doing such great things and touching lives every day, that I insist on sharing her story with you! As a frequent traveler with a busy lifestyle, how and what I eat is very important to me. Having someone like Sarah help show me the way is tremendously beneficial.

Sarah lives in Seattle and during one of my visits (aka adventures!), I asked if it was possible to meet me for coffee. Although she was smack in the middle of a photography shoot for her new cookbook… she said of course! She is just as lovely in person and we talked all about food, family, a healthy lifestyle and we shared ideas. She could not have been more generous with her time.

She recently published a post How to Get Yourself Back on Track (In 1 Day) (11 Easy Ways) and I found the post extremely motivating and helpful. I hope you will too…You are welcome!


Lucky for all of us, Sarah is publishing her first (of many I am certain) cookbook called The Simply Real Health Cookbook. I have already preordered my copy and I cannot wait to get my hands on it!

Cookbook Cover High Resolution

Here is the link to buy the book and get all of the details: What a great Mother’s Day gift!

I truly believe that we all are responsible for our own health and if my husband Craig and I want to continue to have the stamina to  find adventure, we need to step up and take charge of our diets. We need to balance our culinary indulgences while we travel with healthy choices at home and on the road.

Thank you to Sarah Adler and Simply Real Health for your inspiration!



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21 thoughts on “My Newest Adventure: Discovering Simply Real Health”

  1. I love hearing about fresh new faces in different niches, and the health and wellness category is no exception. Sarah looks to be all about quality work and, more importantly, practical execution. I get the feeling incorporating her recommendations would be a breeze. Great find, Suzanne!

  2. Congratulations on your book, Sarah! You have some beautiful pictures and I’m sure the book will be chock full of more beautiful pictures and healthy recipes 🙂 P.S. Great video!

    • Thank you Irene! I hope many people will start to follow Sarah and enjoy all of her many offerings. She is so clever and being healthy is so important!

    • Anita – No one eats perfectly, however if we eat more consciously it is always better. You know how you ate something and don’t even remember eating it?

    • Charles, it sounds like you have a great start and nobody eats perfectly! Packaged food is all made of chemicals, we need to focus on REAL food! Great job- Have a great day!


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