Lions and Lions, Oh My! Spectacular photos by Tam

These photos were taken by Tam Warner Minton, a returning Guest Adventurer, who writes a fantastic travel blog called Travels with Tam. She truly defines the word adventurer. My “adventures” aren’t even in her league and that is the beautiful thing about having other contributors on this blog. We get to read and enjoy many types of experiences! These photos are spectacular and need to be shared! Enjoy!

Sitting with the lions

Is there any animal more majestic than the African Lion? My friend and blogger (TravelswithTam) took these unbelievable photos. I find lions so intriguing and mysterious, don’t you? Can you imagine experiencing this in person? Oh my!

The photos were taken in Kruger National Park, at the Lion Encounter in Zimbabwe and in Tanzania in the Serengeti National Park. Thanks Tam!

lion encounter 09 tam and the lions


lion encounter 09 pieter told me to do it


tan 12 lion and jackrabbit (2)


tan 12 lion baring teeth or yawning


tan 12 lion


tan 12 looking lion


tan 12 sg fat lion in tree


tan 12 sg lion in the sun


tan 12 sg lion on tree


tan 12 sg lion pride drinking


tan 12 sg lion pride jumping


tan 12 sg lion pride5


tan 12 sg lioness and cubs on branches


As you know we are all about ADVENTURE here, and what better adventure than to sit with lions? Are you kidding? We are so fortunate that our readers (Guest Adventurers) want to share their stories. I may never ever experience something like this, but because Tam took the time to share them with us, we all benefit!

What type of adventure can you share with us?

No lions necessary!

Happy travels and I hope you find adventure!


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