Our heavenly food tour in Amsterdam by bicycle!

Google is a beautiful thing. Ask it a question and nine times out of ten you have your answer and a lot more! I was keenly aware that the cuisine was extraordinary in Amsterdam and as you know, seeking adventure is always at the top of my list! Since we love food (and drink as well) finding a food tour in Amsterdam was a goal of mine when I was planning our trip. I had never actually been on an organized food tour, we have however, visited plenty of farmer’s markets, creative restaurants and sampled our way through them all.

On my first click while researching “food tour in Amsterdam” I hit the jackpot! I stumbled upon this personal, adorable, enthusiastic website called Hungry Birds. I immediately fell in love with the idea of the street food tour by bicycle and the two darling young women who created it! They wrote how we could “Discover the city’s heart through your stomach”. Our foursome spent almost four hours touring the city by bike and eating the most amazing food that we would have never known existed!

As we cycled along, Esther or Zosia would share the history of the area and point out the important sights. We were sharing great food and stories in this magical city called Amsterdam! What a brilliant way to see a city and to meet the people who are making the delicious bites of food we were sampling.

food tour in Amsterdam
Creators and tour guides of Hungry Bird Street Food Tours – Esther and Zosia


Here are a few delectable highlights:

food tour in Amsterdam

The bike tour began here…at Puccini, a chocolatier. YES, what a beginning!. Included in the price of the Hungry Birds Street Food Tour is all of the fantastic food as well as an “insiders” tour of the market, or restaurant we were visiting. It was so difficult to choose which confection to try! Do I pick ginger, tamarind, walnut, pecan, caramel, honey… even pepper!




These tulip shaped chocolates were so delicate, and almost too beautiful to eat. I said “almost”.


Pepper flavor? It’s popular!


Next up was an intimate, neighborhood farmer’s market with homemade hummus, marinated vegetables and the best cheeses! The Hungry Bird girls gathered up a sampling for a stop later in the trip. We were fortunate to spend time talking with the merchants and hear how they ran their businesses. Traveling by bike is very common in Amsterdam. There are 100,000 people who live there and probably 100,000 bikes! I kid you not! It is such a practical, efficient and healthy way to live! The city is well planned for bicycles and as a pedestrian you need to keep careful watch for the cyclists!


Seven varieties of hummus, just made the night before!


Glorious marinated vegetables


In addition to the mouthwatering street food, there was an abundant array of fresh and beautiful fruits, vegetable and flowers. The colors were so vibrant you needed to touch them to confirm they were real! These are all unedited photos!









I took this photo of this charming little girl and her custom transportation! Notice the large basket with seat for the child and room for the bags! So clever!


 More food…

The Hungry Bird girls introduced us to the country of Suriname and their delicious cuisine! I was embarrassed to admit I was not sure I could find it on a map! Can you? We shared a warm bowl of a chicken soup bursting with flavor and vegetables. At the bottom of the bowl was a surprise… a hard boiled egg! Amsterdam is a melting pot of many different nationalities and therefore the variety of food to choose from is never-ending!



The hearty chicken soup they served with the rice on the side. They offered mild and hot sauce as condiments!


The surprise hard boiled egg!



food tour in Amsterdam
We rode through Amsterdam’s largest park, Vondelpark and took a wine and appetizer break (the hummus and fresh pita we bought at the neighborhood market)


As they say “when in Rome” (or Amsterdam) you must try the local delicacy: Nieuwe (New) Herring! Yes, we ate raw fish with onions… not my favorite, but the Dutch LOVE it. At this casual street shop, they served it with flags of the Netherlands we were to use as utensils!


The New Herring!





Last Stop: The Albert Cuyp Street Market!

Our final stop was to visit the largest market in Amsterdam, the Albert Cuyp street market. The chef is making us fresh, piping hot Dutch “poffertjes” or puff pancakes!


food tour in Amsterdam
The puff pancakes were quite airy and dusted with a mountain of powdered sugar and a large scoop of soft butter. Not the healthiest…but soooo worth trying a bite!!


Enjoying a food tour in Amsterdam was the perfect way to spend an afternoon. We sampled the most amazing food, we were able to see a great deal of the city and we were able to enjoy the city on a more intimate level. We loved Amsterdam so much that we have planned another trip back in the Fall.

The fun part about reading this is that you can live vicariously and not consume all of the calories. We shared most of the delightful food in order to save room for the next stop!

Eat well and travel on! Suzanne


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37 thoughts on “Our heavenly food tour in Amsterdam by bicycle!”

  1. Love this…and we’ll use it for sure on our spring trip to Amsterdam. Thanks for the heads up on a great activity. Would love to read any other advice you have on Amsterdam, especially lodging. Kim

    • Thank you Kim! I will have even more to share since we are going back in the fall. We stayed at the Andaz hotel in Amsterdam. We LOVED it and will stay there again.Thank you for reading!

  2. What a fun idea! And a great way to see the city sights too. If I ever make it to Amsterdam, I’ll definitely be booking this adventure.

  3. Thanks to a recommendation from Suzanne, my
    daughter and I did this food tour when we were in Amsterdam last October. It was great fun! We, too, did not care for the herring, but gave it a go! The chocolate shop is amazing.

    • Jean, I am so glad you both enjoyed it! The tour was so different than anything we had done. I felt like we had to try the herring… oh boy that is an acquired taste!

    • Neva, thank you for your comments and for reading! Amsterdam is a very special city, make sure it makes your list of places to go!

  4. well that is indeedy my type of foodie travel and by bike, what a way to work it off, i’ll have to remember this outfit, looks like fun especially when you start with chocolates!

    • Yes – a little exercise and a little food (in this case a lot of food) is a great combination! Thank you for reading!

  5. Awww…. Suzanne, what a wonderful article and beautiful pictures! How lovely that you still remember the food adventure and think of us so dearly! Looking very much forward to see you and Craig again in the fall … Much Love from tasty Amsterdam.. Zosia & Esther-Hanna, The Hungry Birds <3

    • So happy you are happy with the article. It was only last Fall and our day with you is cemented deeply in our memory and our hearts. Can’t wait to do it all again and to see you both!

  6. Oh, I wish we had known about this tour when we were in Amsterdam – we loved foodie tours! We were also amazed at the number of bikes and bike parking lots(!). Did you notice there was nobody overweight in Amsterdam? Guess they bike off all those fabulous treats!

    • Bikes are everywhere in Amsterdam! I think it is a brilliant concept! No one is overweight… I didn’t see a McDonalds either! If you bike to and fro, you can eat whatever you want!

  7. Hi Suzanne, This is a really great article! And it looks like you had a wonderful time on the tour! The Hungry Birds ladies took you to some of our favorite places too – Puccini and Saoto Huisje are terrific!

  8. I’ve never been to Amsterdam, but this post sure does make it look appealing. I do think I would have to go on a diet first and so much for my “no chocolate” rule!

    • OH Michelle – Life is too short for a “no chocolate” rule! I practice a good balance between eating healthy most of the time,consistently exercising and splurging when I feel like it! The puffy pancakes were divine! I only had a couple of bites!

  9. Wonderful post. All the food looks delicious. And the chocolate fantastic. I also liked the picture of the roses. When I saw it, I remembered people selling flowers everywhere when I was in Amsterdam.

  10. Sounds like you are my kinda girl! I am going to Antwerp and Bruges in the Fall – any chocolatouring suggestions?

    • I had no idea it would be this fabulous! We are visiting again in October and they will create a new tour with new sights!

  11. That Puccini looks like it’s right next to the small farmer’s cheese shop Suzanne! Right on the corner where 2 canals meet right? Bikes are great to explore cities like Amsterdam where sidewalks are constructed well and bikers are well respected.


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