Photo Friday – More of The Road Trip to Seattle

photo Friday - Redwood Forest, CA
These Redwood trees are so enormous that it is extremely difficult to capture the size. However, we were so in awe that we kept snapping photos over and over.


Photo Friday is a great way to share additional favorite photos of the week. We have just arrived in Seattle, one of the most picturesque cities in the United States from a road trip we took from Pasadena, CA to Seattle, WA. Our route took us up the breathtaking Oregon Coast and there is no question of it’s photo worthiness!

Rocky coastlines, emerald water, towering sand dunes and grazing elk were just a few of the postcard views that we enjoyed. You can click here to read up on the adventure specifics of the trip. For now, I offer more of this Kodak moment that lasted for a thousand miles.

Have a great weekend.

photo Friday, Blueberry Pancakes smothered with butter and syrup
No post is complete without a photo of food. These buttery, Oregon blueberry pancakes were even better than they look


photo Friday - a carpet of trees in the forest
We were so amazed by the density of the forest. It was like a carpet of treetops.


The arch on the Oregon Coast.
The Arch along the Oregon Coast. My favorite view.


Even with no makeup (me) I make Craig take an obligatory selfie to remember each trip.
Rocco enjoying the sand dunes and views from the Umpqua Lighthouse.

A little story about the red school house and the elk. As we were driving along the coast, we started to see warning signs with this:


Evidently elk are abundant and we were about to experience this! Not more than 5 minutes later, we see this schoolhouse and an entire herd of elk, laying down! Evidently it is tiring to be an elk.



We stopped for lunch here with this view of the rock and the beach. Craig also had to work, so he used his mobile WiFi card. #workneverends




We finally arrived at our new high rise apartment in Seattle and Rocco was tuckered out. He was so good and so sweet the entire trip.


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