Please Give Me the Gift of Time – 25 Reasons to be Thankful

gift of time

Please give me the gift of time

I am thrilled to receive the gift of time whenever our kids can give it. Do you feel like that? Our family lives many miles apart and a plane ride away and I look forward to any time spent with them. Our daughter was married only a month ago and we were blessed with lots of time with family and friends. Lucky us! For me, I am content just soaking up the sunshiny moments and conversations we have. If I see the kids in person, I get this silly, happy, motherly grin on my face. Do you do that? Do you know what that looks like?

The Palio
On the streets of Siena, Italy!
If I sat down to make a personal wish list, there aren’t too many items on the page. As we grow older, buying  “things” doesn’t make us happy as much as it used to.  Really, does it? We long for experiences. We yearn for time with family and friends and the adventures that go with them. Do you agree?


This summer we gave each other the gift of time during an extraordinary trip to Italy. Three generations spent a week in Tuscany for which we will be forever grateful. I am so thrilled that everyone was able to schedule this “time” together.

gift of time
Tulum, Mexico


Three years ago I wrote a post about how much I appreciate time and made a list of ideas for how I wanted to spend my time. On my list of twenty-five was “hug my Dad over and over.” The good news is that I did in fact do just that. I had more time to spend with him because we moved in to our “Fixer Upper” which was so much closer to where he lived. I was able see him often and he passed away one year later. I cherished that extra time with him.

 At Thanksgiving, we tend to focus on being grateful so much more. When I sat down to contemplate and write about what I am thankful for, the same message kept whirling around in my head. TIME. I am thankful for time. Do we put enough value on time? Do we spend it in the right places, with the right people? I hope so. I certainly appreciate the time I am able to spend productively and with the people I care about, doing the things I want to do and look forward to.

Do you give a lot of thought about where you spend your time? Are you thankful for time well spent?

In no particular order…

My 25 Reasons to Be Thankful for Time

  • Time to spend with the people I love
  • Time to expand my horizon
  • Time to enjoy each other
  • Time to watch our son build his career and enjoy life
  • Time to watch our daughter get married to the man of her dreams
  • Time to take another trip
  • Time to open more doors for Adventures of Empty Nesters
  • Time to watch the sunset with my husband
  • Time to sip an Old Fashioned by the fire
  • Time to spend fun times with Mom
  • Time to read a book
  • Time to take a walk through our tree lined streets
  • Time to spend with my brothers, sisters in laws, nieces and nephews
  • Time to laugh with them
  • Time to see my sweet Rocco every morning
  • Time to hug my friend very tight
  • Time to learn something new and exciting
  • Time to cook delicious food for my family
  • Time to exercise my healthy body
  • Time to observe the seasons in my travels
  • Time to sit and appreciate the life we created
  • Time to encourage another person’s dream
  • Time to laugh at something silly
  • Time to hug Rocco and take him for a walk
  • Time to find adventure

Can you add to this list?

I hope you are able to spend time with the people you love and enjoy every single second.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


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3 thoughts on “Please Give Me the Gift of Time – 25 Reasons to be Thankful”

  1. Hi Suzanne ~ I love this post! I have had 7 months of spending time with my parents, my brothers, sisters-in-law, nephew, family dogs, and friends here in Florida. And I am thankful for it. Now, it is time to get back to work. And I am grateful for that, too. I am relocating back to Seattle next month where I will have time to spend with my daughter and her dogs. I hope you and I can find time to spend over a cup of coffee or a cocktail whenever you are in Seattle. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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