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News from the Web ~

Sitting in the quiet of Saturday morning, with a big cup of tea, Craig and I spend an hour catching up on what’s new on the Web. We each share with the other anything that would pique our interest. We are bombarded by news constantly (mostly negative) and I think it is helpful if someone else curates a few stories for me.

Throughout the week I receive updates and posts from various news sources and from other bloggers. When you subscribe, the articles that are sent to you are literally custom made for your interests. Ah, the convenience of technology! Here are a few links we found interesting.

Vin Scully - news from the web

The amazing Vin Scully gets an avenue of his own – We just love the Dodgers and have enjoyed listening to Vinny’s gilded voice since we were kids. This is Vin Scully’s last season broadcasting for the Dodgers, he is 88 years young!

Is the beard trend over? Living in Seattle, we see a lot of beards and for sure every bartender is wearing one. Are even the hipsters tired of the beard?

You know that “toasts” are all the rage, don’t you? You can put almost anything on toast and it is delicious! How about Avocado and Goat Cheese?

GoatCheese and Avocado Toast


Any Game of Thrones fans? 8 Real Life Game of Thrones Destinations – Don’t you want to go? We can’t wait for the season to begin on Sunday!

What interesting topics did you find today?

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Have a great weekend!

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4 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Browsing – News From the Web”

  1. I visited a nursery this morning, the plant kind! I learned that if you don’t pay attention to the full name of a plant, you could easily walk out with the wrong one. Lots of them are very close in name… that’s a place where my adhd, cannot kick in!

  2. I count on my husband to point out any interesting news stories. And thankfully those stories are less about shootings and politicians and more about badger attacks and guys from Florida doing ridiculous things!
    And please, dear lord, let the beard trend be over!!


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