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Saturday News

Saturday News ~ Links to articles I found interesting, entertaining and delicious. I do receive links from family and friends to add to my list. Feel free to email me a link for next weeks round of up news.


For the Foodie Fans Who Love San Francisco

This first link was the spark for this week! Nick’s thoughtful girlfriend Kiley, sent me this article because she thought I would enjoy it! I just loved it and thought you would too. A gorgeous replica of the Ferry Building in San Francisco…made of gingerbread! It comes complete with a farmer’s market.

Read here ~ How to plan a weekend getaway ~


From the Los Angeles Times ~ For the beer lovers in your life – I know a couple… Six Gift Ideas for the Beer Lovers on your List!

I love to receive gifts that friends have made just for me in their own kitchen. If you need a couple of ideas… Here you go! 10 Best Homemade Gifts from the folks at FoodandWine.

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Traveling With Our Adult Children, A New Adventure

A brilliant plan… I think. Inviting our adult children to join us on a vacation in Napa Valley and San Francisco takes quite a bit of planning. Four schedules to contend with and four strong opinions,(as well as enthusiasm) were all considered and a plan was created. The truth is that the kids and Craig truly …

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Cocktails on a Wednesday?

Cocktails on a Wednesday? Why? Because we can. We are Empty Nesters. When the kids were in school and we were driving willy nilly everywhere, we wouldn’t have dreamed (or maybe we did) of having cocktails on a Wednesday. Now that the house is empty and the kids are away, we can do as we …

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