Squeeze it in each day – Take Time to Be Kind

Be kind


There is never a day when to be kind should be a chore. We need to take a breath, slow it down and be kind to everyone.

Gratitude comes in all shapes and sizes, through wishes grand and miniscule. To share a story, to listen to a friend, to writing a thank you note for a kind act or gift, being grateful does not have to be complicated.

This holiday season I feel lots of different emotions. I am sad and happy and grateful. I miss my Dad who passed away in January. I worry for the stormy, negative conversation that is happening here in our beloved country.

I am happy to see longtime friends, my extended family and cherish my time with my grown kids who will both travel here this month.

Maybe ultimately, it will take one person, one grateful day at a time to help mend this fence between people.

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Mother’s Day is grateful day for me

  For me, Mother’s Day is grateful day. No job on earth is better than being the mother of my princess and my prince. No joy is greater than the love of your child. All of our children cannot have any idea what it is like to be a parent and could not begin to …

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