Saturday Morning News – Links We Enjoy

Saturday Morning News


Saturday Morning News – We round up interesting articles we find on the web from a variety of sources. This week’s links are a family affair. Both Alex and Craig sent me news they found interesting!

Goal Setting – Have you ever heard of the Seinfeld Theory? January is goal setting month and there are some fascinating tips in this article ~

From USA Today ~ Study says that Americans get their second wind at age 56! I am liking this idea! #findadventure! 

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Weekend Reading :: What’s new in the news


You had me at “Flourless Chocolate Cake”… from the NY Times Flourless Chocolate Cake Finds an Ancestor in Italy

A little weekend reading ~

Seriously – haven’t we had enough negative vibes launched in every direction?  I certainly have. We have so much more to focus on and to be happy about.

I love a good list with already curated interesting info – Don’t you? Someone else can do the legwork for me. Many bloggers do a weekly/weekend round up of interesting news from around the world. My friend Kim from Tour of No Regrets does a great job with that.

You can check out Kim’s latest “gathering good” ==> Here

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