Photo Friday – The Grand Finale of Our Trip to Curacao

My photos… They are the real deal, no editing! I thought that “Photo Friday” would be a fantastic excuse to share more of my photos of Curacao. The unique beauty of the island and all of it’s splendor is truly unparalleled. We had so much fun feeding the ostriches at the farm and meandering through the streets of …

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Colorful Curacao: A photographer’s dream

One Sunday morning my husband handed me the American Airlines Magazine and right on the front cover in all of it brilliance was this photo of Curacao. I fell in love. Who wouldn’t want to go to a place where the buildings were painted like tropical Popsicles in the Caribbean Sea?   Tropical? Yes. Relaxing? Yes. Gorgeous …

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My Close Encounter with a Great White Shark! OMG!

This is written by Tam, a returning Guest Adventurer, who writes a fantastic travel blog Travels with Tam. She defines the word adventurer. My “adventures” aren’t even in her league and that is the beautiful thing about having other contributors. We ALL get to experience this incredible story vicariously through a real person, not on television, but …

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Happy Monday from Maui

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! It hardly feels like that here in Maui. You really lose track of what day and date it is when you are on a tropical vacation in paradise! I promised to send a post to you today from Maui. There are so many things to share but here is a preview …

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