Our 35th Wedding Anniversary – The Adventures Continue in a BIG Way

35th wedding anniversary
How can this be 35 years ago?

Our 35th Wedding Anniversary – A Love Story

When and where did this marriage adventure begin? For me it was love at first sight and without boring you with too many details, this is our sweet story: We were in Spanish class together. I was young, excited to be in high school and there was this handsome brown-eyed, music loving, irreverent, young man sitting behind me. We went on to different colleges, broke up several times during our seven year courtship, but met so young that we needed time to pass so we could mature enough to justify getting married. My parents were always so worried that we would want to get married before we graduated from college. That was never our plan, but I understand their concern.

In the vineyard in Tuscany

It seems like yesterday when I wrote about our 30th wedding anniversary. Now we are celebrating magic number 35. Where did the time go? Funny thing is that I still feel just like that sweet, naïve 23 year old who couldn’t wait to marry the man of her dreams.

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Our 34th Wedding Anniversary & Our Daughter’s Wedding! Yep, on the same day!


34th wedding anniversary

A Wedding Anniversary and a Wedding!

In just a few days, Alexandra, our oldest child, will be a bride walking down the aisle, thirty-four years to the day that I did. Did I know three and a half decades ago that our daughter would be getting married on the same day as we were? No, of course not.

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Happy Thoughts About Long-Term Marriages

Our Maui selfie, taken on our anniversary trip last week.


Allow me to declare that any and all anniversaries should be celebrated! Any time a married couple begins another year together it’s fantastic. Long-term marriages are an important milestone and I wouldn’t be me unless I said we also need to find adventure in life too!

Aren’t we all looking for hope? Hope for a great life for our families, for ourselves and for our friends. On social media I see where “likes” of happy things way outnumber the negative. I actually just scroll past the negative. You and I both know that negativity is floating about, I just don’t need to focus on it, but that’s just me.

hugging in the cornfields
In the cornfields in the Pacific Northwest, a couple of years ago

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