Our 35th Wedding Anniversary – The Adventures Continue in a BIG Way

35th wedding anniversary
How can this be 35 years ago?

Our 35th Wedding Anniversary – A Love Story

When and where did this marriage adventure begin? For me it was love at first sight and without boring you with too many details, this is our sweet story: We were in Spanish class together. I was young, excited to be in high school and there was this handsome brown-eyed, music loving, irreverent, young man sitting behind me. We went on to different colleges, broke up several times during our seven year courtship, but met so young that we needed time to pass so we could mature enough to justify getting married. My parents were always so worried that we would want to get married before we graduated from college. That was never our plan, but I understand their concern.

In the vineyard in Tuscany

It seems like yesterday when I wrote about our 30th wedding anniversary. Now we are celebrating magic number 35. Where did the time go? Funny thing is that I still feel just like that sweet, naïve 23 year old who couldn’t wait to marry the man of her dreams.

This blog was started just about exactly when I celebrated and wrote about our 30th wedding anniversary. I was just starting as a blogger and my goal for the blog was to share my feelings and experiences about being an empty nester and all the challenges and happy things that went with it.

35 year wedding anniversary
Perfecting the selfie on the canals in Venice, Italy.

Now, Adventures of Empty Nesters has evolved, grown, matured and even has a new home. This new site showcases what we have done, and how we can all work together going forward. I hope you will take a minute or two and click around the website!

I will still share my personal adventures, but will continue to expand in to more brand partnerships, go on tours given by incredible companies and take you inside of what they offer. Giving an honest opinion is important because if I say I love it, then I do.

I am doing the leg work for you by taking these trips, trying the restaurants, going on the foodie tours, testing out the products and happy to share my experiences.

Why is 35 years so important?

It is an inspiring love story that you don’t see all that often and it is also a testament to what hard work and communication can do for a marriage. Our daughter and son in law married one year ago on our anniversary. Watching them and their relationship has been such a joy and I know they will continue on the happy path they are taking.

Alex and Brent married much later in life than Craig and I did, so their perspective is a bit more mature than ours was in year one. Our son Nick and fiancée Kylie, will be married next October and we have the privilege of observing their wedding day and their new marriage. I can’t wait! Each of our kids has found their absolute perfect match for their promising future and our family has expanded. More love for more people!

wedding anniversary
Our sweet Rocco is our substitute child.

Thirty five years is important because we did this, Craig and I persevered through some tough times and have enjoyed over three decades of fabulous adventures. We matured together, made mistakes together and triumphed on many occasions. We loved each other fiercely, protected our children, supported them and knew they were always our first priority. That part was easy and came naturally to us both.

When you have children, there are many things that you just don’t know. You don’t know that you can love something as much as you do your child. You will protect and defend them no matter what. You also don’t know how unselfish you can be until you have children. In my book, they come first, no question. I have had the best job in the world being Craig’s wife and the mother of Alexandra and Nicholas. My nest is empty of half the family for my day to day life, but still full of love and anticipation for what comes next.

Find adventure, that’s what I suggest. However you define “adventure”, just do it, try it, love it. I created a second, third career from living this mantra. I would not be living this extraordinary life without the perfect and most supporting partner. Lucky me. Not only am I living my dream job, but I get to spend the next 35 years with him too!

Four Suggestions for Success

1. Unselfishness is sexy – If we spend time putting our spouse first, there is no room for error. What an amazing feeling when someone else puts your needs before theirs.  It is the ultimate compliment and validation of your successful partnership.

2. Indulge each others interests– Craig LOVES baseball and music. I became a knowledgeable baseball fan and learned about all of the music he is so crazy about! He indulges my passion for foodie adventures, fashion, fitness and photography. His interest for all of my endeavors is limitless. However, we are more than just supportive, we participate in each others activities as well.

3. Patience – Life is so full of ups and downs and every family can have so many challenges to deal with. A family member’s illness, financial issues, the list can be lengthy. By approaching each issue with patience, irrational behavior goes out the window and the end result will be more successful.

4. Friendship – Within our marriage is a 35+ year friendship. Haven’t we always heard how people describe their spouse as their “best friend”. It seems cliché, but it is so true! I would rather spend time with him than any other person on the planet. If you asked Craig, he would say the same thing. If I discover something new or travel to a new place, it is never quite the same without him right there with me.

wedding anniversarywedding anniversary

wedding anniversary


I wish you well & great happiness in your nest whether it is empty or full.


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