Welcome to Los Angeles :: 25 Very Fun Things to do in LA!

fun things to do in LA

Welcome to Los Angeles ~ 25 Awesome Things to do in Los Angeles!

Summer is still here and the daytime sun is blazing. I know that doesn’t make Los Angeles sound too enticing, but come anyway we have air conditioning! Or if you live in So Cal – Get out and come visit! Maybe wait until the kids go back to school (which is like, now.)

How come they go back so early now? When we were kids we had the luxury of enjoying much more summertime because we returned to school after Labor Day.

A visit to Los Angeles includes a HUGE geographic area. From Disneyland to the South to Venice in the west and Universal Studios to the Northwest. It doesn’t just include Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA). The traffic is awful so you may want to break your time down in to day trips or stay in a centrally located spot and venture out like spokes on a wheel.

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Los Angeles :: A Fun Afternoon Visit to The Broad

A visit to the Broad

A Visit to The Broad should be on everyone’s list!

What is it? The Broad is a newish contemporary art museum founded by philanthropists Edy and Eli Broad that opened in September 2015. It is located in Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) and sits right next door to the Disney Concert Hall. Craig and I were finally able to schedule a visit to The Broad and we just LOVED it. The building is unique and not too terribly large, so you can take a tour in a couple of hours or less. The collection consists of over 2,000 works of art, but the art gallery is only two floors of exhibits and the entrance is FREE. Yes, free and that is awesome.

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