The Magic of Christmas in San Francisco

Christmas in San Francisco
The true meaning of Christmas we carry in our hearts, but the magic of Christmas in San Francisco is a wonderful sight to behold! This spectacular coastal California city manages to capture the splendor of the holidays and we are fortunate to live just an hour plane ride away. Craig and I try to get away for a few days each year in the month of December to soak up the holiday cheer and exquisite architecture of San Francisco.

Small neighborhood shops, large department stores, fancy hotels and trendy restaurants all pull out the stops to decorate and celebrate for the holiday season. Twinkle lights, gorgeous window displays and several gingerbread mansions are displayed for visiting guests to enjoy as well as the lucky residents.

Although the air was dense with moisture and the grey ceiling of clouds were ominous, nothing could dampen the sparkle of Christmas everywhere we went! We had a fantastic time and here are a few photos of the highlights!

Union Square – Daytime

Union Square is the heart of the city and the best place to begin and spend your free time. It is surrounded by busy shopping streets, lined with glorious hotels and definitely where most of the shopping activity can be found!

The gigantic”Macy’s Believe” Christmas Tree in Union Square


The iconic Tiffany Store is adorned with the famous Tiffany Blue Boxes


Tiffany creates special holiday window scenes


I can alway #findadventure at Tiffany!


Clever wreaths made of Tiffany boxes


Christmas in San Francisco
The view from our amazing room at the Grand Hyatt


The Williams-Sonoma store on Union Square is especially delightful at Christmastime!


A beautiful and luxurious french stove from La Cornue offers hot apple cider to the shoppers


A colorful red and white tree made of Peppermint Bark! They offer samples of this delicious holiday treat.

 San Francisco at night

Craig and I taking a Union Square selfie


Christmas in San Francisco
The breathtaking view from our room at night


Many of the office buildings throughout the city participate in the festivities!


The Garden Court at The Palace Hotel, a San Francisco landmark


A neighborhood of gingerbread houses at The Palace Hotel


The pastry chefs at the hotel have created masterpieces that smell so good!




Just look at the detail!



The gingerbread display complete with a moving train at the Westin St. Francis Hotel


Ice skaters enjoying the temporary ice rink in Union Square under the lights of the tree


Lively holiday carols are playing and everyone was having such a good time


Christmas in San Francisco
The Macy’s Christmas Tree lit up the square


Last stop: The Fairmont Hotel


The impressive Christmas tree and imposing two story gingerbread house at The Fairmont Hotel


This magnificent two-story gingerbread mansion was my favorite! It smelled like cinnamon, ginger and cloves. To enhance our experience we were allowed to walk inside and see it up close. The attention to detail was truly spectacular.

All of the fabulous decorations can be enjoyed for free. Christmas in San Francisco is one of many exciting cities that bring the holidays to life! There is still time this year to visit!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Happy Holidays to all!


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  1. Well you’ve definitely captured the spirit of the city very well love all the iconic favorite place to visit during the holidays includes Gumps which sells amazing finds from around the world at amazing prices!

    • Thank you Betsy! We felt the same way. We have had a great deal of stress lately and all of the festivities in San Francisco sure cheered us up!


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