What Brings You Joy During the Corona Virus Pandemic?

Big Question: What brings you joy during the Corona Virus Pandemic?

How are you all doing? So many thoughts run through my head on a daily hourly basis. How about you?

One minute I am cruising along getting things done, being creative, feeling accomplished. The next minute I am scrolling and scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, looking for something to entertain me and make me smile. Are you doing that? At times I am sad, sometimes I am worried, other times I am extremely distracted.

I know that we have to be responsible and understand how serious all of this is and how we MUST stay at home in order not to spread germs.

But I am a travel writer, and I travel for a living! I don’t pretend I went somewhere and write about it. I actually go there! My friends in the tour business have shut down tours, travel brands can’t spend their marketing dollars right now to hire me to write about a destination that no one can visit! Hellloooo, this is a challenge, I’m not going to lie.

How am I adjusting?

So I am regrouping and looking for ways to be productive and plan for the future. It is time to be ready when we get the green light to get back in the saddle again. We cannot wait, it will be too late. Time to think outside the box, connect with like-minded people and STAY positive. It might sound a little cliché, but all true.

During tough times, we must find a little joy in our daily life too. What makes you smile? What are you enjoying? I want to know, and I know that many other readers also want to know.


Life is really challenging right now and we are looking for things to brighten our day.


Here are the things that are brightening my day & bringing me joy during the Corona Virus Pandemic.

  1. Hanging out with my awesome husband and laughing when we can.
  2. My dog Rocco. No question, my dog is bringing me tons of joy.
  3. Watching my fellow travel writers share their lives and positive thoughts.
  4. New baby photos on Facebook
  5. Reading. I read On Writing by Stephen King and now rereading Kitchen Confidential by the late Anthony Bourdain.
  6. I am watching FREE cooking demos by famous chefs.
  7. I enjoy watching my friend Suzy on her Instagram stories styling a dress a day.
  8. Delicious wine.
  9. Almost daily calls with my kids and my Mom.
  10. I am talking to more people by phone than I have in years!
  11. Being creative with pantry items and using up our food.
  12. Sunshine!
  13. Our daily long walks safely away from other people.
  14. Rereading Simple Abundance by Sara Ban Breathnach.
  15. My roses are full of glorious green leaves getting ready to bloom!
  16. Following Jennifer Garner on Instagram
  17. Watching Jimmy Fallon create videos from home is uplifting!
  18. Baking!
  19. I am revisiting photos from previous trips and tours.
  20. Knowing there are a lot of people trying to make the best of a horrible situation and succeeding. People are resilient.

Check out these accounts!

Instagram and Instagram Stories:

Are you familiar with Instagram Stories? If you go to an Instagram account there will be red circle around the profile photo. Click on that and it will take you to the stories. These only last 24 hours and will likely be about the person’s daily activities. They are uplifting and fun to watch.

@jennifer.garner – She also has a hashtag #heyjenlookatme where she encourages children who can no longer perform at school and can share their talents – It is precious!

@emptynestblessed – Suzy is sharing #adressaday where she styles cute and inexpensive outfits – Adorable!

@theellendegenersshow – Who doesn’t love Ellen? Her Instagram stories are extra fun and she talks from her home about her daily life in a super cute and entertaining way.

@wherever_I_mayroam – Melody, my friend and fellow travel blogger, bikes around her town of Vero Beach, FL offering interesting tidbits and uplifting stories

@massimobottura – Engaging international Chef Massimo offers cooking lessons from his kitchen in Italy through his stories. He is so entertaining and you can pick up a little Italian too!

@postcardjar – My travel blogger friends Steve and Ann offer daily Instagram stories – They include great healthy recipes and have wonderful chemistry and sense of humor.

@linsibrownson – My business coach is so POSITIVE! Are you looking for sage inspiration? Check out her stories. She is a lifesaver!

@whatshouldIreadnext Anne Bogel offers an online book club called Modern Mrs Darcy and I listen to her podcast What Should I Read Next? Check out her Instagram for stories and posts which cover all things books and reading. She is also hosting the Stay At Home Book Tour for authors who cannot tour because of the virus.

You Tube

The Tonight Show At Home with Jimmy Fallon


Please share what brings you joy during the Corona Virus Pandemic – We care and we want to know how you are coping. Sharing helps us all!

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