Why should you write a blog post? – Yes! Share your story!



Why should you write a blog post?

Why does anyone write anything? We write to convey a message, to enlighten, to make someone’s day, to educate, to motivate, to help, to be a friend… Any or all of these would be a good enough reason to share your story here. The post only needs to be a minimum of 300 words – your words, that’s the special part. They aren’t my words. It is about something YOU feel, something YOU did or that happened to YOU and your family.

I have received many lovely comments and emails from the Empty Nester world and outside of it! There are 21 year olds who read this blog and 75 year old readers as well. And they all are contributing! How wonderful is that? I created www.adventuresofemptynesters.com so we can bring together a community of Empty Nesters to share their stories and feelings and to inspire each other. Readers are relating to the stories, having a laugh and sometimes a cry and realizing that we are all having similar issues happening in our lives.

Pay it forward! You can’t imagine what your story or insight could do for someone else. Maybe you took a trip that you can share. No story is too mundane. Sometimes the simplest ideas can turn out being the most profound! I can sit and write for you all any day, but YOU will make this website special and I guarantee you will enjoy the process and it will make someone’s day.

I hope you will consider writing something to share on the Adventures of Empty Nesters. If you are shy and want to write anonymously, that is totally fine! If there are specific things you would like to hear about, please let me know. This is only the very beginning and we are having such a positive response! I am so grateful to all of you who are reading and commenting! Additionally,please check out that there are two new (and very cute) graphics on the right hand side of the Home page where you can sign up to write and/or sign up to receive a post via email every time I post one! How convenient!

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You can register to share your own story!
You can register to share your own story!


I really appreciate all of your support!

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