2015 is a New Year to Find Adventure

Happy New Year

 Be inspired. Try something new. Dream.

Don’t you just love this color green? Does it’s vibrant message of new growth make you smile? We know that something new and rejuvenating is happening when we see this special color. I see it everywhere now, don’t you? The color can be described as “green tomato” or “green apple” and I have even read “green Mantis” named after the insect. I think the world is catching on to this popular color because there is a plethora of dishware, pillows, fabrics and home accessories that come in this luscious shade.

These exceptional photos were taken by returning contributor, my friend and blogger, Kim Tackett. She seems to always be one step ahead of the pack and through these gorgeous photos, she creatively used this color to share a wish of renewal and rebirth for the new year.

I was going to write a New Year post that was similar to hers, but her message was so beautiful that it needed to be shared!

Happy New Year and May You Find Adventure in 2015.

There is a lot to do, let’s go out and discover it!


Happy New Year








Photos previously published on fiftyfiftyvision.com

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7 thoughts on “2015 is a New Year to Find Adventure”

    • Thank you Michelle! I know that 2015 may be our best year ever! It is so fun to say that at 53 years old! Happy New Year to you!


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