25 Reasons to Be Thankful in This Year of All Years

reasons to be thankful

25 Reasons to Be Thankful Now

I wrote the post “25 Reasons to be Thankful for Time” exactly five years ago. I had just begun writing Adventures of Empty Nesters, and so many things were so different in my life. Who knew? One thing that hasn’t changed, I am still so grateful for time! However, we all have a lot more time than we ever did before.

If I look at being Thankful right in the face, I am still so grateful for many things on that list, but my perspective has evolved and matured. Buying things certainly still doesn’t matter; I just need time to spend with the ones I love. I will add one more thought to that last sentence. I need time (and the ability) to spend time with the ones I love. Because of the fear of COVID, my mother waited three months before she took the risk to visit her great-grandchildren. Heartbreaking!

I emphasize family a great deal, but we are currently living in our COVID bubbles, which may not include dear friends. I miss hugging, handshakes and squeezes. I miss sitting at small tables with large coffees and iced teas after a long walk with my friends. I miss our old life before we had to worry about the proximity to people. Ugh, I hate this. Ok, enough with the pity party; let’s head over to the positive. It’s Thanksgiving!

My new current list of 25 reasons to be thankful – In no particular order

reasons to be thankful
James and Josephine – 3 months

I am Thankful for…

  • Friends who reach out through texts, cards, & phone calls “just checkin’ in”
  • Patience to deal with the quarantine
  • Walking along Lake Washingon
  • The sound of seaplanes flying over the lake
  • The sound of jet skis on the lake on a summer morning
  • Friends who come to visit our new house in the PNW
  • A friend to call when I am lonely and feel far away
  • A creative manager who is always there for me
  • Stacks of books ready for me to read
  • A patient and caring husband
  • Thoughtful grown children
  • My morning latte
  • New grandchildren that make my heart burst
  • Cuddling two babies 
  • Watching my daughter navigate life as a mother of twins
  • Watching my mother meet the twins for the first time
  • The kindness of strangers
  • Brothers who check in on me
  • Rain on the roof
  • Rocco laying on my feet as I type
  • For the joy I feel watching newlyweds Nick and Kylie 
  • The ability to forge on when I cannot travel
  • Patience, did I mention patience?
  • Learning to pivot when my business needs to 
  • Learning new things and growing from challenges

Can you add to this list?

I have one more – I am thankful for you, for reading this, leaving comments and words of support! I appreciate you!

Happy Thanksgiving,


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