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Rhea Footwear

I received these shoes for free from Rhea Footwear in exchange for a review on my blog. I selected the shoes myself, and of course, the opinions here are all my own.


Good news friends, I have found shoes that are good for you! What?

Rhea Footwear contacted me to ask if I wanted to check out their footwear with no slip technology. What they didn’t know is that I actually do have a fear of falling. Hello – What a lucky day for me!

Shoes are an essential part of every wardrobe and deciding which ones to take on a trip can be time consuming. I try not to overpack, so bringing along the cutest yet functional pairs is the best idea for me. Rhea Footwear sent me a pair of darling, black leather boots to try and Craig requested the flip flops.

Fashion and function, love the combination!

Exclusive Technology

“Our NeverSlip™ outsole is made from an exclusive rubber compound that grips on most slippery surface conditions. Our sub-zero formula is formulated with a similar type of rubber used in space shuttles to endure extreme conditions.  It allows our outsole to have more traction on even ice and snow.”




Our travel wardrobe is important to us and wouldn’t it be great to know that our shoes were extra safe even in wet weather and uneven terrain? In addition, they were very comfortable and the leather is really soft.

The flip flops were great looking, didn’t slip at all on the pool deck and Craig really liked them. He was thrilled to take a photo for me! (Not)

Rhea Footwear

Rhea Flip Flops


I plan to buy a pair of their red or blue suede flats as well, you should take a look too. Check out the Rhea Footwear website for all of the exact details.

The boots are super cute, functional, fashionable and will keep me from slipping in wet weather or dry. If you are interested in trying them for yourself, they have generously offered you a 20% discount at check out.

Use this promo code: EMPTYNESTERS

I am thrilled that Rhea Footwear found and asked me to join them by sharing their great shoes. I thought make a perfect pair, don’t you?

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11 thoughts on “Fashionable & Functional No Slip – Rhea Footwear”

  1. Suzanne, the shoes look fabulous! Living in the PNW, I am always in search of non-slip soles and will give these a try. And, I must say, I’m loving all that sunshine in your post today and the pool looks oh sooooo inviting! ~ Donna

    • Yes I bet you would love the sunshine down here. Check out the flats they are darling. I was honestly thrilled with these shoes.

    • Yes Irene, take a look at the website, I believe the shoes are really effective on slippery surfaces which includes icy sidewalks.

  2. I have a pair of the red suede flats and love them. David has the boots and we both agree that these are one of the only shoes we have ever had that were comfortable right out of the box. No need to break them in.

  3. Thanks for the tip, Suzanne and I’m checking them out right now. I’m looking for some good non-slip walking shoes (cobblestones are a huge bugaboo for me) and these look like they could be the perfect solution (and “fit”!) I can order and pick them up when we make our annual trip to the US.

  4. Those are cute boots, much like the ones I bought in Paris THAT SLIP!!! Like how these have the non-slip feature. I’ll have to check out if they’re available in Canada.

  5. What a great idea! These no-slip shoes are perfect for travel. I think we all get a little nervous walking on uneven and wet surfaces this is a wonderful solution. I’m off to check out their website.


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