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Technology is like aging, you can try to out run it, but sooner or later you have to embrace it.

Are we slaves to technology? Yes, I think many of us are and some of us won’t admit it either. I have a handful of friends who do not have Facebook accounts and don’t engage in social media and live perfectly fulfilled lives. Therefore this declaration of mine is not for them, it is for you my friend who understands me, who “likes” and “shares” and “tweets” and “pins”.

How long are you ever away from your phone? Do your fingers look for your phone when you have a 5 minute break? Do you take it upstairs even when you just need to do something quick? How about the bathroom? Yes I think most of you do. I admit that I do. Isn’t that a little crazy?

How can we stop this? Should we cut back? When I travel for more than a week, I take my laptop, my iPad (for reading) my iPhone and sometimes my iPod! That is embarrassing! I think I need to join iproducts anonymous. How about you? Please tell me you can relate to this at least on SOME level! This is a major realization for me, as well as a confession. I honestly don’t want to be so dependent upon these devices.

Just when I decide to be defiant and not carry my phone wherever I go, inevitably one of my kids or my husband texts or calls me and gets thoroughly annoyed that I did not answer immediately.

What should be done about this?

Interestingly enough, this new blog/website, Adventures of Empty Nesters, has caused me to be engage on social media even more than I was before! I have always enjoyed Facebook and Pinterest, but now I am ramping up quite a following on Twitter and Instagram as well. Social media is “in the moment” and cannot be shelved for later. When someone responds to a tweet or to one of my photos, I need to act quickly and converse with them.

Although I seem to whining about technology, I will admit to you that I have had more intelligent interaction with strangers through social media than I have any other type of marketing. Not only am I experiencing incredible growth with my audience, I am “virtually” meeting the most amazing individuals. We find that we have so much in common and love to share ideas, philosophies, as well as support each other.

I think the moral of the story is this: Take a break from technology at different times during the day. We do not need to have our phones when we exercise or while in the shower. Seriously! Don’t be rude and text while at the dinner table. We should all try our very best to be in the moment with whomever we are conversing with, especially in person. We should make sure to use good judgment with our time when checking for new followers or when we need to answer questions via social media.

If we are to be successful with our businesses, social media/technology is a necessary “evil”. I don’t really feel that it is “evil” in any way. It is a fact of life and a very important component to most industries, therefore we need to get on board in whatever way we feel comfortable.

Do I read books made of paper? Of course I do, but I find that my iPad is ideal for traveling due to the fact I can carry many books at once, all stored in one lightweight device.

In some circumstances my iPad doubles for my laptop as well.

I am also convinced that by my embracing technology like I do, I have one more thing in common with my kids and can be a part of their world much easier. Heaven knows that if we as parents did not text, we might never communicate with our children! Sad but true!

Do you have a love/hate relationship with technology? I would love to hear about it!


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8 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Technology”

  1. I am very tech savvy, and work on the computer daily. BUT, I often forget my phone, or leave it where I cannot hear it. I want privacy at times, like we used to have! Of course, my family is always pissed when they cannot reach me. Like we used to say, that’s just tough!

  2. It’s a love hate relationship:). One I would rather have then not have. With both my kids living far away….it’s our link to each other. I’m so grateful that in their time of need.. Just feeling homesick, Interviewing at new colleges and lost in a new town.. Or maybe a fever of 103 at midnight…the list goes on and on yet they know they can always reach me:)

    Did I forget to add…sometimes late at night I just have to text them and tell them that I love them and miss them.. Then wish them sweet dreams …

    • Oh Lisa – You and I are the same. I do want to be available every minute when they need me. I just wish that I was not 100% dependent upon these devices! Thank you for commenting!

  3. It’s a love/love affair for me!!!

    I’m like you. I have my iPad to read and sometimes use as laptop. I have my laptop because I want to blog and upload my camera as I go. I have my phone which I use to take photos sometimes. Then I have my DSLR which never leaves my side. This also means multiple chargers to lug around. Add to this that my husband is carrying the same items, except for the laptop.
    I have also taken an external hard drive when we will be away for a long time.
    I am the one who downloads both cameras onto my laptop almost daily.

    • Jackie – I love that you shared that with me/us! I totally get you! It seems nuts to carry all of that sometimes,it so comforting to know someone else is as well. I didn’t even include my DSLR as part of my travel luggage! Thank you for your comments and for sharing!

  4. You are so right. Social media can be a pain, but it certainly comes with many blessings. I’ve met so many dab people via Twitter and my blogs. But I don’t worry about being TOO in the moment. It can drive you crazy if you do.

  5. So so true! Our son was SHOCKED that I wasn’t taking my notebook on vacation this year. My internet connection was extremely patchy and my poor ipod is so dilapidated that an occasional facebook update was all I managed. (and honestly, I only did this to keep my parents up to date on our antics as we were out of easy phone contact too) And you know what? It was so much more relaxing.


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